Thayer Thursdays: The Injury

It's been a tough couple of months for Matt Thayer, and through the power of the internet you get to relive it with him. Back in Peoria, done with rehab, and getting ready for his first live action in five weeks, Matt Thayer checks in with

So here I am back in dreaded Arizona. Yep…. Arizona.  I just can't seem to escape the grasp of this place.  It all started about five weeks ago on a rather pleasant Sunday afternoon during a game.  I swung at what would have been ball four and grounded it to second base.  In the process of stepping on the first base bag I felt a pop in my lower abs that sent shooting pains out the sides of my legs.  Hoping that it wasn't that bad, I remained on first base for the rest of that half inning, but when I realized that it was tough to walk back into the dugout I decided that was it for that day.


The first week went by and I still didn't feel a whole lot better, so they sent me down to the doctor in San Diego for some x-rays.  They came up negative, my injury was written off as a strain and I was designated day to day.  Then the second week went by and I realized that this was a little more serious than we thought.  To make a long boring story shorter, the next three weeks went by with gradual improvement. 


However, I began seeing huge improvement in my seed and gum eating skills.  I chewed so much double-bubble and gorged myself on so many seeds that I can't even look at the stuff anymore.  It's just so hard to resist when you're sitting on the bench and the bucket of goodies somehow finds its way next to you. So I continued to sit there, eat seeds and cheer my team to a much-deserved first half championship.


Anyway, about a week ago things were going great.  I was running full speed and doing everything that I could do without playing in the actual game.  Then the call came.  They had decided to send me to Arizona during the California league All-Star break so that I could not get days off and continue my treatment.  I didn't feel too good about that at first but after I mulled it over for a bit I decided that it was best for me to do whatever I needed to do so that I could get ready to play in games.


Well, today is the big day.  I have been activated and I get to play today…new life.  It has been a while since I have seen live pitching so it should be interesting.  Hopefully everything will go smooth with the game and I will be able to move on out of here as soon as possible.  The initial word I got was that I needed to leave all my stuff in Elsinore and bring only what I need for seven days.  So that's encouraging but you never really know for sure.  I really can't wait to get back to California and next to my host family's new pool.  This desert is a little too hot for me.  

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