MadFriars Q & A: Cesar Carrillo

Cesar Carrillo has been ready for this for awhile, and now we're all wondering if he was as ready as he thought he was. The Padres top pick, the righty will make his pro debut tonight in Lake Elsinore, jumping right to the Hi-A level. MadFriars talked with the young right about moving quickly through the system, pitching more with less rest, and what he's already done to get better.

Cesar Carrillo is in Lake Elsinore, eager to begin his career with the Storm. Starting his career in High-A, Carrillo is that much closer to making it to The Show, but there are some adjustments he will have to make along the way and it begins on Thursday. Have you thought about the difference between throwing every seventh day as opposed to every fifth?

Cesar Carrillo: I think it will be easy to throw that fifth day. I think your mind has to prepare for that fifth day than the extra two days. Obviously, it is better for your arm (to get more rest). I think it is a routine you get into. Your body will become accustomed to it and it will be easy to go from there.

Do you like to be in control on the mound or do you prefer the catcher to take the lead, especially now since you will joining a new league and face batters you have never faced before?

Cesar Carrillo: It depends. I like to go about it both ways. If there is something that the catcher can see more than I can see than I will throw that pitch but if there is something I can see on the mound with his tendencies or what he is doing than I would rather call the pitch. We help each other out.

I have to believe that you guys are pretty technologically savvy over at Miami with lots of video so you can check your mechanics out.

Cesar Carrillo: No, actually we don't have that. A lot of people ask me that and we don't have the technology like that. I just go out there and try to throw my game every time out.

How then do you stay consistent with your mechanics if you get out of sorts for an outing or two?

Cesar Carrillo: Basically, I know my body. I know when something is going wrong like when I am hurting somewhere or why my muscle is sore and know why it is hurting. I know my body pretty well.

Are you then relying on stat sheets when you face an opponent you have never seen before?

Cesar Carrillo: There are some scouting reports that we get. It tells us what he is hitting and what to look for and we take it from there. If a guy walks four times (all year) you know he is aggressive but if it is a guy who walked 30 times you know he is patient. He is waiting for that first strike. You don't mess around with him with that first pitch.

Did the University of Miami stress the importance of throwing the fastball and limited the use of your secondary pitches?

Cesar Carrillo: I have developed my two-seamer (fastball) and my changeup. It is my go to pitch now. I throw it in any count and it adds a lot of life to my fastball and my fastball moves a lot. My changeup I have developed this year. My changeup is really my go to pitch when I am in trouble. It is going to help me out a lot in pro ball with the wooden bats.

The Padres have pushed several players through their system pretty quick. Right-hander Tim Stauffer spent only a full season in the minors and is already pitching in the Majors. Do you think about that, especially since you will begin your career at High-A?

Cesar Carrillo: I always think about it. Not only to be drafted by a team but the reason you were drafted is to help that team out. The shorter my stay is in the minors so I can help out the San Diego Padres – I would be great with that.

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