MadFriars Q & A: Jared Wells

After the California League - Carolina League All Star game we caught up with Strom All Star Jared Wells. Jared is coming off of seven straight wins and his performances are finally starting to match the potential that the Padres saw in him when signed him as a draft and follow out of San Jacinto, Texas Junior College.

John Conniff - You have been described as someone of great potential, and have shown flashes of it at Eugene and Fort Wayne, but this year you seem to have put it together. What has been the biggest factor in your success?

Jared Wells - Consistency.

John Conniff - Well obviously you've tried to be consistent in the past, why are you able to achieve it now?

Jared Wells - Just better able to repeat my mechanics, and getting better at throwing my slider and change up. I've thrown my change up more than I ever have because I need to develop it if I am going to be successful at the next level. I throw it for strikes, and it really helps to keep the hitters off balance.

John Conniff - How has the velocity been on your fastball?

Jared Wells - Early this year I was 92 to 94 and topped out at about 95, as of lately its kind of dropped off to the low 90's.

John Conniff - We spoke with Tye Waller a week ago [the Director of Player Development for the Padres] and he spoke well of your progress. He said with your stuff they were working on helping you become more of a strikeout pitcher. What exactly are the Padres working with you on helping you with this?

Jared Wells - I've never been a strikeout guy, and I really don't want to be a strikeout guy. I want to get my outs and that's it. I try to throw as few pitches as possible so I can go further into games.

John Conniff - You see yourself as more of someone who wants to go deep into the games and make the batter hit your pitch?

Jared Wells - I don't mind getting the strikeout, but I would rather use fewer pitches to get someone out. I like to throw strikes and make hitters hit bad pitches.

John Conniff - You were a pretty good football player in high school, and played your first year of college. How is the training different for baseball as compared for football?

Jared Wells - Well, its really all about the weights, they don't want us to do bench press, but its something that I've done my whole life. I really just lift for more repetitions now than power, which is much different from when I played football.

John Conniff - How did not going to a four year Division I program help you with your professional career?

Jared Wells - I never pitched in high school, I played the outfield. I blew my knee out in football my freshman year of college, so I couldn't run like I used too. After that I decided to give pitching a shot since I always had a good arm, so I thought I could use all the experience I could get.

I just felt that I was starting later than everyone else, so was trying to catch up and I think its helped. Right now I don't feel I'm that far away from the big leagues.

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