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Look out below, and above, as the Power Rankings get jostled in a big way by new names and faces. Now that the recent signees and draftees have had a chance to impress, several of them have. Look for those rocketing their way up the charts (Jared Wells and Kyle Blanks, welcome to the Top 15), and avoid the falling stars hitting rough spots around the midway point in the season. Plus, a new #1 in this week's MadFriars Power Rankings.

NoteStats current through Saturday July 9th, 2005.  This list is not about who are the better players or prospects, but rather who is doing the best and making the most of their opportunities.  Players with Major League service time that are not considered prospects are not eligible for the Prospect Power Rankings.


Rank Name Team Comments Last Week's Rank
1 Clay Hensley Por

A no decision in his only start this week, but with Varner's slippage and a solid seven inning, four hit, one earned showing from Hensley he takes the top spot.  The only run came on a solo homer, making four straight starts where Hensley has given up a long ball.

2 Paul Abraham Mob

Very standard, solid week, just what you want out of a middle reliever/set up guy.  Two appearances, 2.1 innings, two walks, a strikeout, no hits, no runs.  Lefties hitting just .125 off the right hander.

3 Fernando Valenzuela LE

No, he doesn't hit for enough power to stay at first, but he hits.  Base knocks in 13 of his last 14 games, a 10-29 week with a double, two runs, and six RBI...and he hit a homer.

4 Matt Varner FW

Two appearances, 2.1 innings, two hits, two earned, both on homers.  Did pick up a save, but has allowed four runs in his last three trips to the hill.

5 Luke Steidlmayer LE

Two starts, no decisions, 12 innings, 12 hits, four earned.  Not great, but without anyone in the Top 15 really impressing, he drops only one spot.

6 Mike Ekstrom FW

Back on track after a rough patch.  Two starts, two wins, 13 innings, 11 hits, but just one earned between the two outings.  Might not be dominating quite the same way he was, but isn't falling apart either.

7 Chris Oxspring Por

A complete game, three hit, shutout will move you up, and that's just what Oxspring turned in (though it was a seven inning CG).  Still, he's been on the rise, he's allowed one earned or less in four of his last six starts.

8 Mike Thompson Mob

Took a loss in his only start this week but moved up, because he went 6.1 innings and gave up only one run on six hits.

9 Chris Kolkhorst FW

One walk, four strikeouts this week, odd from a guy with 55 walks and 51 Ks on the year.  Just 8-25, a triple was his only extra base hit, but scored six times.

10 Jared Wells LE

If a complete game shut out moves you up (see Oxspring), back to back complete game wins, and a 28 inning scoreless streak rockets you up, and Wells is our biggest mover.  Gave up four hits in each of his (nine inning) complete games, he's won nine straight decisions, has given up just one earned in his last four starts, and hasn't given up more than three earned in his last 11 starts.  Want more?  Opponents are hitting just .165 off him with runners in scoring position, just .125 with RISP and two out.

11 Kyle Blanks Peoria

The hitting equivalent to Wells' performance.  He's riding a six game hit streak, went 11-24 this week with two homers, five RBI and 10 runs score (he's scored a run in seven straight).  He's hitting .390 with seven homers in 15 games, and it took about a week and a half in the system to earn a second nickname, "Gigantor," to go along with the already imposing "Big Nasty."  Sick talent.

12 Jon Knott Por

Just 7-22, but two of those were triples and one was a homer, grabbed four RBI.  He hit .364 in June and still is only at .098 with RISP.

13 Ricky Steik FW

Three appearances, three innings pitched, one hit, no earned runs.  He's got seven straight appearances without a run.

14 Clayton Hamilton FW

Two starts, one okay, one stellar.  Six innings, six hits, three walks, three Ks and four earned in the first start this past week.  Eight innings, five hits, two walks, zero strikeouts and zero earned in his second start.  Not surprisingly, he won one and lost one this week.  Good sign:  He didn't allow a homer in either game after giving up four HR in his previous two starts.

15 George Kottaras LE

A run producing machine.  Goes 9-26 with six doubles, five runs scored and eight RBI.  Walked twice and is Mr. Consistent, hitting .316 against lefties, .296 against righties.

16 Dale Thayer Mob

One appearance, one save, one inning, two hits.  Just fine.

17 Josh Barfield Por

Goes 0-1 in the Futures Game (but didn't everybody on the US squad go 0-1?), goes 5-16 during the real games with three runs scored and a RBI.  Walked twice, struck out twice that, getting better plate discipline all the time.

18 Steve Baker Mob

His triple was the only extra base hit he had this week (5-17 overall), scored a run and drove in three, but has only four extra base knocks in 16 games since being promoted, after 22 in 54 games at Lake Elsinore.

19 Adam Bourassa LE

Another good week moves him upward.  Seven runs scored makes up for not a single RBI, and 10-25 makes up for no homers.  Adjusting to the higher level nicely.

20 Justin Germano Por

Will the real Justin Germano please stand up?  This week, seven innings, seven hits, a solo homer accounts for the only run scored.  It was the first jack he'd allowed in his last six starts after giving up 16 gopher balls in his first 11 starts.

21 Brian Burgamy Mob

Using patience (he drew three walks), but not the bat, goes just 1-12 and plummets in the PR.

22 Bobby Scales Por

The good news is he had a home run, the bad news was in 25 at bats he had only two other hits.  Zero walks, eight strikeouts doesn't help his case either.

23 Ryan Trytten LE

Slips up, giving up two homers and three earned in four appearances (4.1 innings).  Six hits (and two homers) is not good, but the bigger worry is the four walks.

24 Casey Baker Mob

His 2-12, one walk, six strikeout week is one to forget, his .188 batting average in June is one to change in a hurry.

25 Juan Ciriaco LE

Kid bounces up and down the PR like a ping pong ball.  Down this week after a 5-25 week that featured two runs, and three RBI, but not a single extra base hit.  Stole a base, but was caught twice, and is hitting only .238 with RISP and two outs.

26 Drew Macias LE

And as bad as Ciriaco was Macias might have been worse.  Four runs scored, three RBI, at least he drew six walks, helped make up for the 4-23 showing.

27 Peeter Ramos LE

He was 'On the Cusp' last week, and broke through here.  Had his 12 game hit streak snapped this week, but came right back and has hit in 15 of his last 16 games.  Only 8-33, but made them count, grabbing a triple, scoring three times and grabbing three RBI. 

28 Brett Bonvechio LE

He's hit in 11 of his last 12, went 11-33 with three runs, three doubles, a triple, a homer and four RBI.  The downside?  Ten strikeouts this week alone, and 98 in 295 at bats this season.

29 Casey Smith Peoria

Seven games Smith has played in since turning pro, seven games he's hit in.  Goes 10-22 this week with five runs scored, two homers and 10 RBI.  Might be the talk of the town if Blanks wasn't big enough (physically and metaphorically) to block out the sun.

30 Javier Martinez LE

Poor guy, throws 7.1 innings of six hit, two run ball and gets bumped down the rankings after giving up his fifth homer in his last four starts.



On the Cusp


Santiago Guerrero (Eug):  Stays on the cusp for a second straight week by going only 6-27, but grabbing a double and a homer, scoring four runs and driving in five.  Walked twice (good), struck out six times (to be expected), stole a base (good), thrown out trying twice (to be expected).  Progressing nicely and getting buzz around the organization.


William Venable (Peoria):  Coach's son makes good.  Had a seven game hit streak snapped Saturday, went 6-21 during the week with six runs scored and four RBI.  Shows the speed (a double and two triples) and the power (mashed his first pro homer) that made the Padres draft him.


Brian Sweeney (Por):  Two starts, one win, 12 innings pitched, 14 hits, just four earned between the two of them.  He hasn't allowed more than three earned in his last seven starts, and has gone at least five innings in all seven.  Not blowing people away, just quietly getting it done.


Falling Off


Greg Sain (Por):  At bats, and hits, getting harder to come by.  Hit one homer during his 4-16 week, drove in three, walked once and struck out once, but a run producer to be hitting .190 with RISP (his totals since being moved up to Portland) is unacceptable.


J.J. Furmaniak (Por):  Struggling again, just 4-25 this week with a single run scored and a single RBI.  Two walks and three strikeouts, one stolen base and two caught stealing.  One step forward and two steps...


Sean Thompson (Mob):  The new arm angle falters for the first time, but his last few weeks haven't quite been good enough to keep him on the list with all the youngsters playing well.  Don't be surprised to see him make it back and put this week's six inning, 11 hit, six earned run performance behind him, but to do that he'll have to shrink that opponent's batting average down below it's current .306.  On the bright side he might decide to pull an Ankiel, he's hit in four straight games and carries a .375 average of his own.

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