Splitsville Luis Cruz v1.1

"Splitsville" is a series of articles on the San Diego Padres' prospects that we'll be doing throughout their minor league careers. In version one/chapter one (v1.1) of Luis Cruz, we'll look how he's doing at home versus the road, how he's hitting with runners in scoring position, and more while playing for the Mexican Red Devils.

Lefties Beware: In a small sampling, right-handed hitter Luis Cruz has been exceptional against left-handed pitching – to the tune of .389 in 36 at bats. Coincidentally, he is batting .265 versus those of the same ilk. It's hard to believe there aren't more lefties in the Mexican League for Cruz to tee-off on.

Even Steven: Cruz doesn't care where he is playing, at home or on the road. He has maintained a level of consistency at each. He has one less hit in one less at bat when he is away from home and has even divvied up his RBI's as evenly as possible, ten at home and 11 on the road.

Hot Corner: Cruz, mostly a shortstop while playing in the Padres' system, has seen time at three positions during his tour in Mexico and none have come at short. He has played second base, third base and centerfield. He is 21-for-61 when he plays at third, a .344 average. At his primary position, second base, he is batting .272 with 11 of his 18 extra base hits coming there in 115 at bats. Just don't put him in centerfield and expect him to hit. He has three hits in 16 at bats when he mans the outfield.

It's All About Where: Where Luis Cruz bats, that is. Cruz, not known as a speedster, has actually been slotted in the leadoff spot on two occasions and didn't fare too well. He has also hit eighth and ninth in the order. His preference thus far points to batting eighth where he has a .333 average but just four RBI's. He has 15 RBI's batting ninth and is hitting .279 from that position.

Clutch? I Think Not: Cruz has been a hot hitter with the bases empty but is barely making a dent in the opposition with runners in scoring position (RISP). In 57 at bats with RISP, Cruz has 12 hits, a .211 average. And if there are two outs, his RISP drops to .189. With runners on any base, he is batting .221 – not the kind of stats you hope for out of a player who notched 72 RBI's a year ago playing for Lake Elsinore.

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