Thompson Tuesdays

Even when he doesn't have much to say Sean Thompson can manage to let everyone know what he's thinking. This week Sean is talking about heat, from the weather, from the opposing hitters, his own hot head, and some important visitors to Mobile this week...Mr. Towers, meet Mr. Thompson.

Well, I'm back and just to let you all know, almost nothing has changed since last week.  Really, though, the weather down here is fierce. It just keeps getting hotter and hotter.  I threw on Sunday, and every single pitch I threw, my shirt sleeve was so drenched with sweat, it would almost squirt out of my clothes and, like, fly into the air.  I'm watching this and I swear it was almost in like slow mo, all the effects of a bad movie, this light was shining down...yeah...whatever. 

Okay, back to the game.  It was an alright outing, I walked three, so that's the reason they scored.  You know, since I have started moving through the minors, for some reason these hitters are pissing me off more and more with each new guy and each new team I face.  I'm telling you, every new series, I'm pissed basically 22 1/2 hours of the day.  They take their time in the box, they stare you down and talk trash, then when they swing I make them look like a blind quadriplegic with a bad right hip and athletes foot and they have the nerve to get butt hurt over it.  These guys that take gigantic cuts, and just pop out, and they pimp it.  I'm telling you that this stuff is just a big head ache.  Not to mention that along with all that the entire Padre band came in town.  I'm talking all the brass is in town. 

That's all that has been happening, I'll have more to tell if/when I get released this week.  Until then......

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