Padres GM Kevin Towers talks prospects

Padres General Manager Kevin Towers was in Mobile this past week to watch the BayBears, staying close to his scouting roots.

On why he went out to Mobile:

Kevin Towers: It is a chance to see your young prospects.

On what prospects mean to the organization:

Kevin Towers: You are only as good as the players you have down below. This will always be a scout driven and player development drive organization. We need to do a good job of signing and developing these kids because we are never going to be major players in the free agent market.

We see our affiliates as an extended family and our relationships are very important.

On the importance of winning as opposed to player development:

Kevin Towers: We like to win at all levels. You are going to have down years in certain cities and last year they had a tremendous year in Mobile. They have been playing well of late and hopefully will make a good run in the second half. We stress winning at every level.

On what to expect for the next month in the minors:

Kevin Towers: There should be player movement in the next couple of weeks and an infusion of talent that will give them a chance to win that second half.

On dealing minor leaguers:

Kevin Towers: They are not easy when you are dealing with young kids lives. Guys like Travis Chick who is young. He has a bright future ahead of him.

On Craig Breslow:

Kevin Towers: Breslow did an outstanding job up in Philadelphia with an inning and two-thirds scoreless and will be back with the BayBears.

On the 1979 Spokane club that brought manager Bruce Bochy and Towers together:

Kevin Towers: Back then we were happy to be employed. Both of us had just finished our playing careers and I was his pitching coach and he was the manager. We won the Northwest League Championship that year and I think our relationship really developed that year and has carried over to the Big League level now. We still lean on each other at times and have mutual respect for one another. A little bit more pressure now but we have been together for ten years and signing Bruce for two more so hopefully 12.

On the mood he portrays sitting in his box at Petco Park:

Kevin Towers: Usually people don't spend a lot of time with me at Petco Park. My wife calls it nine innings of negativity. It is often difficult. It is my workplace and I am judged on wins and losses so I enjoy every win and I take every loss as a difficult thing. My tenth year now and you know you will be somewhere between 70 wins and 90 wins each year. I have learned not to get too high during the good times or too low during the low times. Hopefully this year is a year I can watch postseason baseball from my box again. That is when it really gets intense. Looking back at 98 I wish I would have enjoyed it more.

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