Padres prospect talk with Tye Waller

San Diego Padres Director of Player Development, Tye Waller, discussed the myriad assortment of moves that came down on Monday and Tuesday of this week. The focus was on players moving up from the lower levels, as not as much is known about Tim Turner, Clint Cleland, Casey Smith, Grant Varnell and the demotion of Fabian Jimenez. No conversation would be complete without mention of George Kottaras.

"We had a lot of change and had a couple of injuries," Waller explained. "There comes a point when you have to get the teams with the players you want everyday.

"Sometimes you have to move players to make a team work. You have to go up and push them."

Tim Turner heads to Eugene:
Tye Waller: He is very athletic and will definitely help them defensively What he does offensively is up to his ability to be patient at the plate.

Clint Cleland joins Turner in Eugene:
Tye Waller: Rivera broke his finger and we will see what Clint can do.

Any concern about his high error totals:
Tye Waller: Well, we have more than one guy with that problem. Derek Jeter had a good amount of errors and look how he turned out. I am not saying anyone will turn into him but at the lower levels the errors come.

Casey Smith joins Eugene for a second time:
Tye Waller: He was with Eugene early on and wasn't getting much playing time. We though he could use some at bats on a consistent basis and he performed well.

Grant Varnell, the only pitcher to move up:
Tye Waller: We needed some pitching and needed a guy who could throw strikes. He is an older guy who should do well in Eugene.

Fabian Jimenez sent back down to Eugene:
Tye Waller: We tried to get him through it. He will have a chance to slow down and focus on throwing strikes. That is the biggest thing for him.

George Kottaras makes the trek to Double-A:
Tye Waller: He gets a chance to compete against some better arms. That staff is rounded out to a pretty good starting staff with Cesar Carrillo, Sean Thompson, Jared Wells, Jose Oyervidez and Luke Steidlmayer. It will be a good test for him.

I am excited about these moves.

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