Rant and Raves from a Displaced Padre Fan

My last article talked about luck and that the Pads weren't having much of it. Well, I'm not sure what is going on in the club house but we certainly can see what's happening on the field. Not much. I held my breath through the trading deadline, hoping for some kind of luck and what did we get? Nada. Nunca. Niet. We should have called Capital One. The Pads were lucky to hold onto 1st place as long as they did. Now they'll be lucky to hold on to 2nd with 3rd and 4th coming up fast.

We continue to hear that the Pads are holding on to what they have and I actually like that philosophy but many times I think teams try to ‘shake things up' to get some ‘new blood'. I'm sorry to see Nevin gone. I think he's going to get hot and we know he can carry a team.

Why have the Pads been willing to trade him? Maybe it's a clubhouse issue we don't see. Maybe it's a youth movement? Whatever it was/is, I'm not sure the trade will pan out like Pads expect. They expect that Parks ERA will come down. Ok, let's say it comes down 10 percent. That'll put him right about 5. Um, given that the Pads gave up 35 runs last week and only scored 8 doesn't look good for a pitcher with an ERA over five.

I think what we got the week before the trading deadline is more of the same. Actually, I think we got less. It seems as if the Pads made trades just to make trades. We give up some younger players with decent batting averages for some players who are bottom fishing or who's ERAs are so high they could be helping repair the shuttle. Just doesn't make a lot of sense to me to make these trades. Sure we needed a catcher but we could have called up Ojeda but instead traded for a catcher who's batting about the same. Actually I guess the Pads have made two catcher trades but both have sub-par batting averages.

Why trade?

Maybe it has something to do with the clubhouse? Of course, the catcher is only half of the equation. The Pads, again, trade for some pitchers that are ‘prospects' at best. Why bother? It's not going to help this slide and turn things around. I understand not giving up the farm for a front-runner pitcher but if you bundled the players the Pads gave up into one package maybe we'd have one player that could have helped turn the luck around.

Instead, we have some more players who were sliding down their own team's depth charts rather than moving up like the Padre players that were traded.

I can't make sense of all this and I just hope that one day I can login and see that the Pads have turned the corner and mother luck is back on their bench. It's hard to watch right now and who knows where the ‘chemistry' will come from but with a little luck they can stop the free fall and get back into the race.

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