Padres prospect interview: Sean Kazmar in Fort Wayne- While most of the attention has been focused on his double play partner, second baseman, Sean Kazmar has quietly been putting together a solid season in Fort Wayne.

Kazmar was drafted in the 5th round by the Padres out of the Community College of Southern Nevada. Last year he hit .252/ .278/.387, in Eugene, with six home runs and 27 RBIs. To date, Sean was hitting .268/.318/.378, with 23 doubles, seven home runs and 40 RBIs for the Wizards. He just turned 21 in August, and after Matt Bush is one of the younger players on the Wizards.

John Conniff: Coming out of college you moved from shortstop to second base, how has that transition been going for you?

Sean Kazmar: Its been pretty good so far, I think I've been doing good defensively there hasn't been that much of a change. Trying to pick up the pitcher, different angles.

John Conniff: Any problem with the pivot and turning double plays?

Sean Kazmar: A little bit of trouble in spring training, but they fixed me really quick. With Bush out there, he makes things a lot easier on me to play second base. Right now I love it, I always figured it would the position that I would end up at.

John Conniff: Both you and Bush seem to work well together, how many games have you played together?

Sean Kazmar: We played a few games last year in Eugene, about the last ten games. We're both very similar defensively, have good range and arms, especially Bush. Like I said, he makes it a lot easier on me. I like being over there with him, hopefully we'll be working together for awhile.

John Conniff: You seem to have a decent amount of power for a middle infielder, you're leading the team in doubles and home runs right now. Are you trying to hit for more power?

Sean Kazmar: I'm looking to hit line drives, like any other guy. Sometimes I'll run into one, but I've always been able to hit the ball out. What the organization says is that I have enough pop to get me in trouble. I'll take that, but I'm not going out there trying to hit home runs. I'm more like a gap guy, trying to hit doubles, get in scoring position for the three, four and five guys.

John Conniff: You played one year at Southern Nevada CC, then signed with the Padres. What made you choose to go pro instead of going to a four year school?

Sean Kazmar: My JC coach threw out a figure for me to try and get, and if the Padres gave me that number I would go. I wanted to sign to help my family, and luckily I got that pretty quickly. I really didn't want to go to college which is another thing, even though I had a full scholarship to go to Georgia.

I really wanted to start my career now. College would have been fun. I really wanted to get here at younger age. Being here now you notice that there is more leeway with younger guys, and it definitely helps being a younger player.

John Conniff: What is the biggest difference between going from the Northwest League to the Midwest League?

Sean Kazmar: The pitching has been a little bit better, the talent level is going to always go up. Pitchers throwing off-speed for strikes, last year most guys couldn't locate pitches other than fastballs. Here you get a 1-0 slider, but the game hasn't changed much.

John Conniff: Is it a big advantage having as your manager Randy Ready, a former major league middle infielder telling you what to look for and what to expect?

Sean Kazmar: It is a huge advantage. I'll really thank him after this year is over. I definitely can't say enough about how much he has helped me. He's out there during BP, and will share his knowledge with us, and is really honest.

John Conniff: He seems like he can be honest or critical in a very positive way.

Sean Kazmar: Yes, exactly. Some managers can be really critical, but Randy is a really positive person who really tries to help you.

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