Khalil Greene prognosis not good for Padres

"He has a non-displaced fracture of the left toe," San Diego Padres manager Bruce Bochy strained on the solemn news of Khalil Greene suffering a non-dislocation of his left big toe. "We have definitely lost him for a little while."

The play was in the third inning. Khalil Greene ranged after a ball hit in the hole and turned to make a play for a ball that

"I went to make a backhand play on the ball," Greene explained. "I hit the ground with a decent amount of force and as my left foot came down it spiked the ground and it fractured."

"We are going to have to get another shortstop up here," Bochy said with a certainty. "I will talk to Kevin on which move we are going to have to make."

One name that was mentioned by outfielder Brian Giles that would be a welcome addition – "We can put Paul McAnulty there," he said half-jokingly with the team needing another bat in the lineup.

It would not be out of the question to bring back Sean Burroughs who has been hitting the ball with authority down in Portland but it will more than likely be Wilson Valdez or Jesse Garcia, much to the chagrin of Padres fans.

The prognosis is Greene will miss two-to-three weeks of action and the trainer erred on the side of three.

More than one person said it was a freak occurrence and trainer Todd Hutcheson said he had never seen an injury of its kind.

Hutcheson drew the injury out on a napkin, explaining that he would not need a pin placed in it to hold it together and because the bone was aligned, pending a CAT scan to confirm, they could let it heal naturally.

"It's frustrating," said Greene. "It is a part of the game and you really don't have any control over it. You play the game like you normally play and hope nothing bad happens. It was just an unfortunate occurrence."

And the theme was the same around the clubhouse – he will be sorely missed.

Greene was hitting .254 with ten homers and 49 RBI's. He was hitting .278 in August with a .350 on base percentage and three of his ten hits this month have left the park.

"It is a huge loss," Giles said.

"He was just playing terrific baseball," Bochy added. "I dropped him down in the order to the five-hole. He was playing great defense and was one of our hot bats. This is quite a blow for us.

"The same thing happened last year. He is a guy we will miss."

For a team under .500 and struggling, the blow could prove fatal in the watered down NL West. One run by the stragglers could push the Padres out of first for good.

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