Padres Prospect Interview: Yordany Ramirez

Yordany Ramirez, 21, (whose birthday was on July 31), is one of those players that every organization has, a great athlete who has the potential to become a very good player, someday. Already a veteran of three minor league seasons, he may have the best arm and be the best defensive outfielder in the Padres system.

Ramirez has the potential to become a very good hitter, but must work on making more consistent contact. This year he is hitting .220, but is second on the Wizards in home runs (7), third in RBIs (38) and in total bases (111). He's very young, and the Padres understand that Yordany is a long range project that could pay dividends once he learns to harness his ability.

John Conniff: This year we were talking to the Padres head of Player Development, Tye Waller, and he stated that you had some of the best "tools" of any player in the system, you can run, throw, hit, hit with power and play defensively. This year you have played great defense, but have struggled at the plate. What has been the biggest adjustment for you?

Yordany Ramirez: This year I tried to do too many things at the plate. I pushed myself so much, I didn't want to stay too many years in the minor leagues. Now the coaches are trying to have me stay within myself.

John Conniff: You have been with the Padres for five years, yet you are only 21. How many years were you playing on the Padres team in the Dominican Republic?

Yordany Ramirez: The first year in the United States I was 18, then I played in Idaho Falls, where I played two years. Then I played in Arizona League and Eugene last year last year, this is my first year in Fort Wayne.

Before that I played with the Padres for two years in the Dominican Republic.

John Conniff: In the Dominican Republic, what was the typical day like with the Padres?

Yordany Ramirez: We would play baseball in the day, have class, and at the end of the day have some classes in English.

John Conniff: How tough was it to get used to the United States being from the Dominican Republic?

Yordany Ramirez: It was very tough. Idaho Falls is very different from the Dominican Republic. The food, the people, the weather, but I did like it, it's just very different.

John Conniff: A quick question from Denis Savage, who is the publisher of, why does anyone ever run on you? Don't they know about your arm? Yordany Ramirez: (laughter) Every time a man is on second or on first, I think he wants to take another base. I push myself to throw him out because I know I can do something good in centerfield. I try to understand the situation, what is going on in the game. If the runner is on base with only one out or less, he is going to be aggressive. Then I can be aggressive too.

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