Padres Prospect Power Rankings XV

Ripe bananas are the pefect topping to your sundae but when they spoil and get all squishy – well, you get a taste of Prospect Power Rankings and what have you done for me lately – the two week version. Don't forget the expanded version of "On The Cusp".

NoteStats current through Tuesday August 22, 2005.  This list is not about who are the better players or prospects, but rather who is doing the best and making the most of their opportunities. Players with Major League service time that are not considered prospects are not eligible for the Prospect Power Rankings.


Rank Name Team Comments Last Week's Rank
1 Josh Barfield Por

The kid can ball. Barfield has done it all over the last few weeks and remains the top performer in the system. He has an eight game hitting streak and is showing some power with seven extra base hits over the last ten games.

2 Mike Ekstrom FW

A lot can happen in two weeks – like the emergence of Ekstrom as a dominant force again. Two earned runs over the last 21 innings.

3 Ben Johnson Por

Seven hits over the last two games keep him from potentially dropping a few slots He has reached base in 11 straight games and is mashing the ball. Had he played every game he would be the team RBI leader.

4 Brent Carter Eug

Three starts produce just three runs against over the last two weeks and he has not allowed one earned run or less in nine of this 12 starts. The baller is shaking up the top ten.

5 Ernesto Frieri LE

His immense success in the Arizona Rookie League lead him to a stint with the Storm. He posted 23 straight innings without allowing an earned run, fanning 33 over that span. He did give up a run in his first outing with the Storm.

6 Cesar Carrillo Mob

It wasn't long ago that he was playing college ball. He has taken the Southern League by storm and is 5-0 as a pro. This was the same guy that had a streak of consecutive games won in Miami that makes one think losing is simply not an option for him.

7 Steve Baker Mob

The guy has been perhaps the best hitter throughout the year but just like everyone else he needed some time to get used to Southern League pitching. He is now hitting .300 with Mobile – one of just 12 players with an average over that plateau. By contrast, the PCL has 30 such players.

8 Dale Thayer Mob

His ERA keeps dropping and his stuff keeps getting better. He may be the top closer in the system to consider right no after Brad Baker has flopped.

9 Leo Rosales LE

Has nasty stuff and a 3.34 ERA in the Cal League is something to be excited about. A great second half pitcher, Rosie is shutting them down with regularity after a slow start.

10 Peter Ciofrone FW

Word was he could hit. Now we know he can. The funny thing is it correlates to his time spent in the field – something the Padres were afraid of because they feared his defense would not be up to snuff.

11 Sean Kazmar FW

The second baseman came on strong with Conniff in town and has not relented. He is batting .324 in August with half of his homers from the season coming this month. A late slide kept him out of the top ten.

12 Mike Thompson Por

His 3.29 ERA while in Portland is above average but a 4.33 ERA in August drops him down the list. He is still 2-1 this month.

13 Jared Wells Mob

Had his worst start of the year last time out and has lost four straight – but he has given up two runs or less in two of those as the offense in Mobile bailed on him.

14 Chris Kolkhorst LE

New league produces similar results but the strikeouts are up and the walks are down. He should settle in and be the on base machine we know he is.

15 Paul McAnulty Por

RBI's in five of his last seven games and still hitting .320 in Portland. He is edging closer to being fully ready for the Majors.

16 Michael Johnson LE

What could have been? Had he remained healthy we may be looking at a Southern Leaguer. Owns a nine-game hitting streak and has knocked in nine over his last six..

17 Chris Oxspring Por

Six earned over his last four starts put him on the September radar. He has also won three straight and gets stronger as the year goes on.

18 Fernando Valenzuela LE

He is not the same hitter he was early in the year and one wonders if he is tired from the long season. His average is at .300 – and it has never dropped below that mark this year – and we mean all year.

19 Neil Jamison FW

The guy has given up six runs all year and they come in spurts of two. He has given up two over the last three innings after going six straight with just one hit allowed and zero runs. Earned a promotion since last we met.

20 Kennard Jones Mob

Since the start of July, Jones is a .314 hitter. The centerfielder has turned into a mighty catalyst in Mobile.

21 George Kottaras Mob

His feet are still getting wet in Mobile but he is coming through in the clutch. He is hitting .333 with runners in scoring position in 20 Mobile games.

22 Fabian Jimenez Eug

Drop him down a level and he flat out dominates. This is the Jimenez many expected to see all year long. He has given up nine hits and three earned runs in 18 innings.

23 Alfredo Fernandez Eug

Over the last 12 appearances, Fernandez has given up just one earned run. His ERA has dropped back down to 1.78..

24 Brian Sweeney Por

He was so good for so long that we forget he is human. He gave up five runs last time out and has given up nine over his last two starts. It is his worst two-start performance all year.

25 Matt Varner FW

The numbers get skewed when you allow five earned runs in two-thirds of an inning but his 32 saves still lead the league and he has blown a scant few.

26 Joel Santo FW

Where was this guy early in the year? He has been as good as any pitcher of late with a 2.45 ERA in August.

27 Matt Lauderdale FW

Laudy feels the heat from Nick Hundley and has responded. The catcher has 20 RBI's over his last 16 games.

28 Matt Thayer FW

Back and forth we go. Thayer is back in Fort Wayne and getting his frequent flier miles. His average has dropped over the last two weeks and his playing time was a question mark in LE. Why sit one of the hottest hitters and allow that average to dip in limited reps.

29 Nick Trzesniak Por

New league, new player. Four three-hit games in a span of nine games after amassing five three-hit affairs in 66 games with Mobile.

30 Mike Sansoe Eug

His on base streak is over and he is day-to-day with a back injury. He stays on the back-end of the list.


Dropping off the two-week list:

Mike Baxter has seen his average go from .291 to .238.

Drew Davidson has been hit by four pitches in a nine game span so he must be doing something right – just not enough.

Bobby Scales' reign has come to an end. But what a mighty run it has been.

Kyle Blanks was tearing it up early but has stalled considerably. His last homer was 30 games ago.

Billy Killian has been awful at throwing out baserunners of late and his average has tanked as well.

Ryan Trytten gives up five runs in two different relief appearances – and he did not get out of the inning in either.

Josh Geer makes a quick exit after his worst outing of the year. He is someone to watch for a quick return.

Ricky Steik goes to the disabled list and loses his spot on the 30-man.

On the cusp (in order of closest to the top 30:

Juan Ciriaco owns an eight game hit streak with six of those multi-hit games.

Colt Morton is hitting .313 since joining the Storm with seven homers but only 12 RBI's.

Tim Turner has four homers since joining Eugene and has played great defense. Where is the power coming from though?

Javis Diaz can taste the top thirty but his up and down performances keep him on the outside looking in. A recent surge has him at the doorstep again.

Josh Howard has done nothing but hit and score runs since joining the Arizona Rookie League team.

Jason Kershner has five straight without allowing a run to recoup from the minor setback of runs allowed in consecutive outings.

Don't look now but the "other" first rounder, Cesar Ramos, is making waves in Fort Wayne.

Joel Santo has won his last two, doubling his win total on the year. It only took 24 starts.

Adam Gold has gone seven straight without allowing a run, turning around a dismal start to the year.

Arnold Hughey has given up one run over his last nine outings and even earned his first save of the year.

John Madden has saved four straight since becoming the Eugene closer of choice. His ERA is back under 3.00.

Geoff Vandel recorded seven strikeouts last time out – and that is out of 11 outs.

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