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Why was Cesar Carrillo so successful on Saturday night? A player suffers food poisoning. A player joins Lake Elsinore for their playoff run while another player is dropped - and not happy about it. The Padres' brass was out in full force on Saturday. Another player opts for surgery. All this news and more in the Padres' minors.

"That first pitch strike," Padres first round pick Cesar Carrillo said of his success on Saturday night in the Storm's playoff win. Eighteen of the 23 batters he faced saw a first pitch strike on the night.

Drew Macias had food poisoning earlier this week and according to Roving Infield Instructor, Tony Franklin, "He was white as a sheep."

Macias apparently went to a restaurant, as opposed to the Taco Bell and other fast food that often dots a minor league season. He ended up getting sick over a three day period that sapped his strength. The concern was so great he ended up going to the hospital. He recovered well enough to play on Saturday.

The big news of the day was the dropping of Clark Girardeau from the playoff roster and the addition of Fort Wayne closer Matt Varner. Varner, who led the Midwest League in saves and ended up second in the Minors in the Rolaids Relief race, will pitch in middle relief for the Storm.

"Clark wasn't pitching well down the stretch," Padres' Director of Player Development Tye Waller said. "We thought we would be a better club with Matt Varner.

"It is never easy telling a player and he was understandably upset. I would be too. It is about today though and I told Clark, ‘Prove me wrong.'"

"I was actually home," Varner explained. "I had driven all night and was taking a nap when I got the call."

Among the Padres' brass on hand for Saturday's playoff game in Lake Elsinore included Tye Waller, Bill Gayton, Grady Fuson, Sandy Alderson, Randy Jones, Tim Flanery, Mike Harkey and Fred Walmon.

Three umpires were on hand for Saturday night's playoff game. Normally there are two umpires on the field during regular season play.

Javier Martinez will have Tommy John Surgery on September 15. He first experienced pain back in early August and wanted to have the surgery then but the team wanted him to wait a month to see if he would get any better. He went down to Peoria and after some rest it started to feel better.

"I didn't feel any pain throwing from 125 feet but when I came back here I felt it at 75 feet," Martinez explained. "They told me nine to 19 months for the rehab process.

"I felt pain the next day in my last seven starts. I would feel it pop when I would move it around."

Martinez expressed disappointment after having his 2004 season wiped out after shoulder surgery. The earliest he will be back now is July of 2006.

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