Padres on the brink of collapse or euphoria

Well, I'm a type of person who can state the obvious and admit to his good and bad predictions. I'm not one to jump off the band-wagon either but watching (or in my case, listening) the Padres struggle the last few months has been difficult from afar. My hair is greyer, my fingernails are shorter, my patience is waning but yet, I hold on to some hope.

I had predicted before the season that the Padres would finish in second place. This is not yet determined but I still think it'd be a major meltdown the size of Chernobyl if it happens. They made a major step in that direction Monday night before Ramon Hernandez took it upon his shoulders Tuesday. Please don't let it come down to the Dodgers. Even though the Padres rule the Dodgers, it'd be a humiliation beyond epic proportions if the Dodgers were to knock the Pads out of first place.

I had predicted that it would be the last few weeks of the season which would decide the NL West Champions. I didn't think it would be this much in question though and just a week ago it looked all but locked up for the Pads. Now?

I predicted that I thought Dave Roberts would be injured quite a bit but his speed, etc. would result in some additional wins. Enough wins to maybe make the difference between one or two places in the standings. I think he's done a better job than I expected and even though he was on the disabled list for a while, he's proved to be quite valuable in many ways.

I can't (and still don't) understand some of the pitching trades the Padres made and I still don't see the big returns in that department. It's a trade-off between letting something go you don't want in hopes that what you pick up from someone else flourishes here. Bochy has done it before but I'm not so sure any of the pickups will be here next year.

I stated that the Padres needed to stay healthy. Not a great leap on my part (what team doesn't need to stay healthy?) but the biggest damages have been on injuries to various pitchers, Khalil Greene and Roberts.

After all this, the Padres are still in first. Hey, no one will remember what their record was next year and there won't be any asterisk next to the standings. Heck, MLB doesn't even put asterisks next to steroid induced homerun totals. What matters at this point is that the Padres need to start wining. Not just for this year but for next. I don't anticipate that the post-season will last very long at the rate things are going but it's better to participate than to watch from home. Watching from home is what I'll be doing but I hope those of you who can make the games get out there and push this team over the top.

Who cares if they will hold the dubious record of the worst record for finishing in first place? The key is that they will be in first place. Not behind the Dodgers or San Francisco! So get on out there! Cheer, be loud. Pretend Barry is Eli. Rant and Rave just like me and walk proud. The Padres will be the NL West Champions!

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