Minor League Baseball assists Katrina relief

ST. PETERSBURG, FL-Minor League Baseball teams have built a solid reputation for their involvement in the communities they serve. When there is a need, they can be counted on to come forward. Hurricane Katrina created such a need in the larger sense of "community."

Among leagues that reported their collective efforts, the Pacific Coast League office reported that their teams raised nearly $200,000; the Eastern collected $75,000; and the Midwest added $78,000 to the mix. The Texas League clubs came through with $80,000 in cash, plus much more in supplies. Large amounts and small, the money rolled in from around the country. With the cooperation of the American Red Cross and other charities, teams quickly improvised ways to come to the aid of their Southern neighbors.

Fort Wayne fans stepped to the plate during the Wizards final four games of the regular season during the Labor Day Weekend, donating $1,900.00 to the American Red Cross relief efforts of Hurricane Katrina.

One thing not included in this tally is the truckloads of clothes, toys and other items at multiple parks around the globe, including the Lake Elsinore Storm.

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