Padres Prospect Interview: Ryan Trytten

After blowing through the Midwest League, right-handed pitcher Ryan Trytten was shipped to Lake Elsinore where he played Jekyll and Hyde, dominant one month and ordinary the next. There could be a reason for his late season trouble.

You began the year in Fort Wayne where you tore it up and came to the California League. How did you feel this year?

Ryan Trytten: I feel fine. You always have your ups and downs. You just have to stay with the gameplan.

This was my first playoffs in five years so it was exciting.

Was there a certain validation after playing Independent ball a year ago?

Ryan Trytten: I always thought I knew I could do it. I am just thankful that they gave me a chance. I am just going to try and go out and do what I can.

The Padres organization give more opportunities to relievers than any other. Has the extra work been something that is welcome to you?

Ryan Trytten: It gives me a little sense of that they have a little faith and me and will just keep putting me out there. I feel like I am better than anybody in this league, not saying anything against my teammates but you almost have to think that way just to be successful and that is how I feel, you put me out there against anybody and I will win.

What is the plan now that the off-season is here?

Ryan Trytten: I don't know. For this year it might be a little different. I might have some surgery at the end of the year. I can't really look too far ahead. Normally you take about three weeks off and let your body relax and then get back into work.

I have to go see the doctors for my elbow. They think it is my ulnar nerve, nothing too serious. It is about a three and a half month rehab if I get it done.

Do you feel like you have lost something along the way with this injury?

Ryan Trytten: During my stretch that is when I was really struggling with it. It was when I was finishing pitches that it really hurt. I am not going to blame it on that but I started leaving balls up a little more. There are many things you could blame it on, late in the year, mentally – I think that had a big part of it. All I concentrate on is keeping the ball down, finishing pitches and just throwing through the pain.

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