Padres' Prospect Journal: Sean Thompson

Guess who's back, back again, guess who's back, guess who's bored, guess who's ready to fricken start the damn season already.

So, I guess I have a lot of explaining to do since I kinda dropped off the face of the Internet article-writing world.

Don't worry, though, I didn't totally drop off the face of the earth. I was definitely around to put up the finishing touches on a D+ season.

Let me explain to you what that means.

You know how your senior year in high school went, you know, you went into the first part of the year thinking, ‘ok, I'm going to study hard, get good grades early so that towards the end of the year I can goof off and it wont matter if I slump a little bit it.'

Yea, basically the same thing only I wasn't trying to go through that, it just happened that way.

Oh, and for those of you who in high school didn't have to study hard, it just kinda came natural to you people, well congratulations to you all, if you don't know by now, your all nerds.

Anyway, I came out to an ok season in Elsinore and then moved up to Mobile. Very rocky up there, but I will say in the end, I learned a ton, and for all of you that don't have me slotted anywhere near the big leagues anytime soon, well shame on you.

I am in Knoxville now with Kristen just hangin' out relaxing and watching her play soccer. They actually just won the SEC for the third year in a row that she has been here. Bella is doing well also, and, yes, she is still my dog so back off.

I recently turned 23 and I have to tell ya, it's really not much different. Thank you all for the emails and the happy birthday messages I got, they were really nice....??????????!!!!!!!!! And don't say you didn't know when my birthday was, because Trevor Hoffman's birthday is the same day. In fact, since I actually didn't get any messages at all from you all, I'm going to go now, and I'll be back next week with more to say.....good day!

If you would like to get in touch with Sean and enter his strange world, he can be reached via his editor at

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