Padres Prospect Journal: Sean Thompson

Hello all, another week gone by, and another week of watching all the other secondary sports on TV.

No, it's not that I don't enjoy watching college football, the NFL, and even the NBA, it's just that all I have been seeing on ESPN, is junk.

I'm tired of seeing what's going to happen to Terrell Owens. I would hope that he wouldn't go to the Denver Broncos to poison what might be their last chance for a while to push for a super bowl. I mean, how long will Rod Smith play, John Lynch, just to name a few, plus how many years in a row is God going to let Jake Plummer attempt to stick his pinky toe into John Elway's gigantic shoes.

Then, I'm watching TV just the other night, and I see this unbelievable story on Iowa football's visiting locker room.


So what your telling me is that if that locker room was painted with yellow flowers, we should expect to see interviews from yellow flowers that have degrees from big colleges? Or even, see interviews with flower activists that are upset with the fact that some humans have painted their football lockers yellow and decorated them with portraits of them that are insinuating that they are weak and portrayed as sissies?

I mean really? Get over it people that's ridiculous.

I think it's funny, awesome, perfect, and hilarious that they would paint it that color. It's all in fun and people who take it further than that are the people that are so sensitive, that they even get angry over what color the sky is. Do these people hate Santa because he wears red? Does that mean that people who wear red, are portrayed as overweight, active over-eaters of cookies and milk, that maybe even chimney cleaners should be upset because he gets more publicity and credit because he wears red? Come on, really though, please get serious.

Now that those people have their fifteen of fame, please go back to your parent's basement and try to come up with another color that offends them so they can write a book about maybe the fact that green means go, when maybe it should mean stop, get out of your car, and lie down in the middle of the intersection!!!

Woooo, ok, sorry about that but lets be honest, right? For those of you who felt a connection with what they were saying, and might be a little upset with my comments and my views, well...without being mean, I'm just going to say that that is my opinion.

Back to the boring stuff to watch that is on ESPN. I'm glad that hockey is back up and running for those of you who like it. I don't really watch it so that's really all I have to say about that. The NBA, someone please give Bobby Knight an NBA head coaching job, then I may watch that more than anything else. In fact, please let him coach the Heat. So then, the large guy in the middle of the court will understand that the coach will keep the team in line. Not the guy who thinks he is God. There might be some offense too, instead of a varsity version of the AND 1 tapes. That's why college basketball is so much fun to watch, they run an offense and stuff flows. I'm not saying we don't enjoy seeing an occasional fast break sky-high dunk from Lebron, but let's go. I mean this sport even plays music while the point guard is dribbling down court!!!

Anyway, I don't know, I guess I'm just getting anxious to play again and this down time can be very yucky.

I returned from Virginia and man it was a long trip. Honestly though, it was a lot of fun. I went with Kristen's dad. Now you would think, its kind of like being with the in-laws, and those of you who are married know how sometimes that can be a little uncomfortable, and since we aren't married, its maybe like those first few years that you are married. Honestly, it was really cool. We had a lot of fun; we ate at the best place in the world, CHIPOTLE!!! There was absolutely no awkwardness at all. Just, overall, it was nice.

Tennessee beat Wake Forrest on Friday, and then ended their season on Sunday with a 3-0 loss to Virginia. It was a tough loss but now Kristen has already decided that next year will be a great year for her and her team.

Anyway, I received A FEW emails from people and for those of you who sent them I appreciate it and my answers will be here tomorrow and thank you very much. I enjoy and take in any questions, comments, verbal bashings, which are fun for me as well, and even criticism. So, I'm going to go now so until next week…

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