Padres' Prospect Journal: Sean Thompson

Ok, so does everyone remember when M&M's were coming out with the newest colors, and everyone was like "oooh, I cant wait to see and oooh it's going to be so weird having all these new colors." So yeah, I'm sure all you fans out there are wondering the same thing about what the hell the Padres' roster is going to be this year.

Even in spring training I'm going to be all, "oooh, what people are going to be there to Big League me this year." It's going to be so exciting.

No, but seriously. Still out here in Tennessee hangin' out, getting' ready to go home though in December.

Thanksgiving is going to be a little rough, only because you all know how nice it is to be home, where the food surrounds the table on turkey day like the reporters surround T.O. when he is being a @#$%.

I mean I'm talking mashed potatoes, black olives, turkey, both white and dark, stuffing, green beans, corn, little specialties that each different family makes, oh yeah and yams and beats for all you weirdos that each stuff just because on TV those are a few of the things they always show as "Thanksgiving foods."

But now, since Kristen and I are still pups, we are going to try our best to reach that almost, sorta JV Thanksgiving feast. It will still be good and we will be here together so it will all work out, but when you all take that first big bite of mashed potatoes dipped in a gravy covered bread biscuit, remember, Kristen and I will probably be sinkin' our teeth into the best tater tots and totinos pizza ever. So just enjoy your meals.

I wanted to say hello to Coach White back in Colorado and Mumper as well. Everything is going well out here and yes I will get a hold of you soon – so the death threats and the letters with anthrax and stuff can be stopped now.

I haven't been getting' much more email, though, from any of you guys. I know I don't have all the answers, but I know you all have questions. I'm always happy to answer them and even the mean ones I have fun with so don't be scarred to voice your anger out on me. I mean come on, I'm sure that there are a few of you out there that my journal last week, the whole pink locker room issue, probably upset, so let's hear it.

Anyway, I guess I'm going to go now. Not too much has happened and I'm just sittin' and waitin' to see what happens with the big team too, so until next week. . .

Oh yeah, sorry Jets fans, hahahaha. You guys let Plummer of all people beat you, haha.

Sean can be reached by sending an email to

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