Prospect Mailbag: Sean Thompson

Sean Thompson returns and dips into the mailbag to answer anyone that stops by. He is better than "Ask Jeeves". He could be Santa - if he gained 300 pounds. He probably knows where Waldo is hiding. And if you ask, ye shall receive – a response.

Hey there, its cool to hear that someone is willing to stick to their roots and doesn't get to "good" for the fans once they start playing professional sports.

Anyway, you said your 24, why aren't you in the bigs yet? When do you see yourself in the bigs?

Another question.

Does KT look as wierd in person as he does in all his pictures? Are you afraid that with KT as the GM you may be traded for Dave Hansen sometime around the trade deadline?

Anyway Im rooting for you. You seem pretty cool. And dont worry about the Heat down south, worry about the huge bugs. The Mosquitos that look like they have hypodermic needles attached to their snout and the black flies that want to eat you.

Stay safe and keep having fun, your living alot of peoples dreams.

Eam Rose

Sean Thompson: Ok so actually, I'm only 23, and I'm sure that they have several reasons why I'm not in the big leagues, but reasons that I know are of the following: First of all, I did just turn 23 this past October. I'm still young with a high ceiling, I think, and there's a lot I still need to learn. I have only spent 3/4 of a season as high as Double-A, and I'm sure that that ways heavily on me making that big jump so soon. Now, before I go on, with these reasons why I might not have moved up yet, it doesn't mean that I don't have full confidence in myself that I could do the job if called upon. I'm very excited about each outing because for that day, its my day, I'm the general, and I'm the person the other team has to beat when they step to the plate.

These are just some of the things that I'm assuming are in the front offices' eyes plus like I said before, I do have more developing to do.

With the whole Kevin towers thing, its weird I guess because I see all these terrible things being said about KT, but I've never had a problem with him. In fact, when the possibility of KT going to another team was going around, I actually got a little concerned because who knows if the new guy would have me in his plans, ya know? And, there is a pic that I see on the websites sometimes of KT standing, talking with Boch, and KT is wearing a BYU polo shirt, and that's the weirdest pic of him I've seen. He looks nothing like that.

By the way, is that a rumor, or did you see something about me getting traded cuz that would be nice to know as soon as possible with all this time on my hands of doing nothing but wondering what is going to go on in the winter meetings. So, I hope that I answered your questions and I do appreciate the support. If you have any questions about any part of the game or any others, fill free to email again. I appreciate it.

It is Nutter here in Ft. Wayne. Can you please talk for a minute about the differences in the MWL (Midwest League), Cal League, and Southern League in terms of hitters vs. pitchers leagues and how your development and experience factor in?



Sean Thompson: Hey Nutter, its great to hear from you man. I miss Ft. Wayne and all the great people there. I especially miss the weather there. Mike, that's a great question and I would love to go into that. The MWL was a test of durability as much of it as it was the competition. For most guys, it's the first long season that they will have had, and it can wear on players' mind, as well as their body. The hitters in the MWL, to me, weren't as patient as they were as I moved up the ladder. They are more aggressive in that even when a pitcher may walk two in a row, the first pitch to the third hitter was swung at almost every time.

Most of the hitters are also first year college players or close to that, so even the pitching and the use of the wood bat is an adjustment the hitters sometimes take awhile to get comfortable with. Also, the pitchers have a different agenda if you will. As a starter, I didn't really go off scouting reports. In fact, there weren't really any for us to really go by. There is so much movement at these lower levels; it's hard for us pitchers to try to keep track of the hitters. Upper levels, hitters tend to make adjustments, some as fast as an at-bat. In the MWL, hitters were still developing, and those who made adjustments, for the most part went up.

Now, the Cal League was a little different mainly because that is regarded as a hitter's league. I mean if you need an example, Wood, for Rancho hit 40+ homeruns this past year. Pitchers emphasize, maybe more than before, to really keep the ball down. I'm telling you, you can be cruising along, leave a ball up, and before you know it, you're gettin' a new ball from the home plate umpire. I fell into somewhat of a pattern with the pitches and the sequences that I would throw to each hitter when I was in Lake Elsinore and for the most part, the hitters never really made an adjustment. To some up the Cal league for me, no matter what inning it is, no matter what the score is, anything can happen.

As for the Southern League, well there is a big change. Right off the bat, the travel is a lot more lengthy, from being spoiled in the Cal league. Long bus rides and the weather for the most part can keep the ball from traveling too far, unless you leave an 0-2 curveball up to Francouer. Then you just brag to your friends from home that the guy they see on TV with all the publicity is the very same guy that you gave up a 900 ft homerun to earlier in the season. Anyway, in Mobile, I found that scouting reports are followed a little more and the hitters are much more disciplined. There is also the threat of being behind 3-0 and giving up a homerun. The baserunners are running all the time. Plus, two innings go by, and you as a starting pitcher, are on deck. The players are older, and anything can happen once you get to Double-A. Moves can come out of nowhere, as you saw with Craig Breslow, who I might add, went to San Diego and dealt. Not that it was much of a change with how he was throwing in Mobile, but he did it in the Big Leagues.

Well, Mike, I hope that I covered your question. If I didn't, well that's why I'll still be in Mobile, haha. If I didn't cover it, please fill free to email me again and I would happy to help. Thanks Mike and tell everyone hello for me.

Hey Sean,
Since you are bored during the off season, how about going "strike zone" hunting during your free time? Maybe you would finally find it, somewhere deep in the woods!

PS Love your journal,


Sean Thompson: You know, that's actually a good idea. I have been trying to shave my walks down for the past few seasons. The walks are what have gotten me in trouble, and even if they don't end up being walks, I end up being behind in the count and giving the hitter a better average with the count being in his favor. It's what has been keeping me from going deeper into games, and thus frustrating me more and more. The fact that I have not thrown a complete game in professional baseball, not even a seven inning game. . .I'm still a young guy, but my development has been coming along with flying colors in that I have been learning how to pitch. I would assume that's why I was moved up to Mobile after six games this past year. Hopefully, this season along with the rest of my career, I can continue to learn, grow, and move up to the biggest stage in my dream.

It's kinda like the same thing with someone like you I presume. Once you behave enough, and the learning curve finally is understood, your employers might promote you from filling the toilet paper roles in the stalls, to putting the little cleansing discs in the urinals. I know it's a big step, but you can do it. Thanks for the email, and feel free to email me again anytime with questions and news on how the rest stop bathroom custodial engineering is going!

I was just wondering if you're choice of dog reflects your pitching style, i.e. pooping all over the place and kind of sissyish?


Sean Thompson: Well, you know what they say, its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the amount of light in parking lot, at night, when you walk back to your car alone!!!!!

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