Thankful ranting from a Displaced Padre Fan

As I sit here preparing this column, the turkey's cooking away, I am thankful for a lot of things as I'm sure we all are. I'm thankful for friends, family, relatives and of course, baseball. Baseball is just as much the American Past time (or more) as Football but we associate Football with Thanksgiving due to the seasons and timing.

I'm also thankful that this last season for the Padres was fruitful and that they finished in 1st place but as predicted, the team didn't do much in the post-season. Also predicted was the amount of changes that we'd see due to the lack of post-season success. It appears many of the regulars from last season will be playing on other teams next year as the Padres "rebuild" for another year.

If you stand back and look in from afar (as only a displaced Padre fan can do), you have to question some of the moves. It seems that the Padres are intent on letting younger, potential players go while stock piling only semi-successful older players. Trading for someone in their mid-thirties with only a few years left to play seems rather risky. It's the "high risk, low reward" mentality that seems to permeate the organization. I guess it's the era (not Earned Run Average) of budgets, etc. but I thought the new stadium "guaranteed" a competitive team. Actually, I don't know if that's fair. The Padres did finish in first place and they did beat the Dodgers so what do I care if they didn't do much in the post season?

I'd like to see the Padres get some younger (late 20ies) up and coming players rather than some older, might come back, players. It seems as if the Padres are following in the footsteps of the Chargers rivals, the Oakland Raiders. The mantra seems to be "Bring us your tired, your…" oh, that's already been used. It doesn't work up North and it won't (and hasn't) worked in San Diego.

Well, I've ranted enough. I'm off to do some more cooking. I'm still thankful that last season was fruitful and that this next season might provide us all with a competitive team and even though it's too early to make New Years Eve resolutions, etc. I want to review my predictions after the end of the season and see where we are….

Prediction #1 : Klesko? Gone. Replaced by some hopeful and maybe it's time although I still like him but his skill-set is on the decline.
Result #1 : Still on the trading block

Prediction #2 : Park? Gone. Too expensive. Should have used that money on Wells.
Result #2 : Talk about Wells continues. Funny how he wants to come back home (again) but I'd grab him now. Especially if we lose Eaton.

Prediction #3 : Williams? He'll be here since Towers stated that was his biggest mistake letting him go but now Towers will be gone too, so who knows?
Result #3 : No change.

Prediction #4 : Hoffman? He will be here until he retires. He's the "soul" of the Pads. Lawrence? Gone (although he always does well though when his job seems to be on the line).
Result #4 : Work in progress (or is that un-progress)?

Prediction #5 : Giles? Gone. The Pads can't or won't spend the money to keep him away from other suitors although maybe you can make a package deal w/ him and his brother.
Result #5 : Half way out the door (maybe even more).

It's too early to really know if I was right or wrong overall but it appears to be the direction the Padres are leaning.

I guess we get "greedy" this time of year. You want that extra drum stick, another helping of mash potatoes and of course, some extra whipped crème. I hope that everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving and the nice warm weather. It's currently 30 degrees here but Spring Training is right around the corner (we'll I can dream can't I?).

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