Padres Prospect Journal: Sean Thompson

Ok, so let's start out with a little info on my Thanksgiving this past week. Instead of eating what we had planned on eating, you know, our fest of tots and Fresca, we ended up going over to Kristen's coaches' house to eat our Thanksgiving meal.

It was nice. In fact, there were a few of the girls that didn't go home for Thanksgiving so they went with us.

It was pretty overwhelming when I walked into the house because the first thing I saw on the table was a mountain of mashed potatoes.

I nearly burst into tears; it was the most amazing site in the world. Then I take a few steps forward and notice three people in the kitchen carving three giant turkeys. My heart started pounding so hard that it reminded me of the scene in ‘Spaceballs' when the little alien pops out of the guys chest. Don't lie; you all have seen that part. Anyway, I walk into the kitchen and on the right of all the beautiful turkeys I see a ham. A ham!

At this point I can't feel anything. I'm shaken up, the emotion of sheer joy hits me with unbelievable capacity and I'm not sure what to do.

I decide that all this is too much so I go and sit down in front of the TV. And what happens when I look into the screen, the Broncos are playing. I mean what can I say – I was completely thrilled to be sitting in that house.

So, its time to eat finally and more things were filling up the table. Steamed broccoli, stuffing of three different kinds, three different gravies, tons of other stuff, and once I sat down and regained consciousness, I started to fill my plate. An hour and a half later, my stomach was overflowing, I'm talking I was about 5 months along.

So I'm full, the Broncos won, hahahahaha, and I'm just sitting down in the chair in front of the TV.

So, now that everything was starting to calm down, Ange, Kristen's coach, walks over to me and hands me a book. She tells me that she wants me to read the first two pages, and that's all. She tells me that if I can put the book down after those first few pages, she at least wants to know what I think. I look up at her, ‘Ange, I don't read. The only time I read, is when I'm on a plane and it keeps me from going into shock, then into convulsions, then foaming of the mouth, then followed by the immediate exits of liquids from all exits.'

Anyway, I begin to read this book she hands me and before I know it, I'm on page 24. I can feel eyes in the room looking at me like, ‘is he still reading that book. Can he even read?'

Haha, yeah, anyway. I couldn't put this book down. In fact, I'm now on page 234. Ok, the book is called ‘A Million Little Pieces', by James Frey.

This story is so interesting to me, and intriguing that I just cant describe it. You have to read this book. It's a story told by the man who went through an unbelievable life. In fact, every single day of his life, just waking up is the beginning of the worst day of his life. Just to give you an example to maybe try to bait you into reading it this guys goes through two root canals, with no painkillers or anything. I mean the guy went through the entire operation feeling every single kind of pain there is to feel. At one point, they had to strap him down because of the pain shooting through his body.

I'm just saying, if you want to read an interesting book, then that's the one I would read. Trust me, of all the people in the world to get you to read a book – I think that that has to say something about this book.

Now, I'm just back to working out and getting ready to go home to Colorado. I'm so excited to see snow, because about three weeks of home and then I'm back to the single season place. Phoenix, the place where the only season there, is Hot.

Anyway, I would love to hear about the feasts you all had on your Thanksgiving. I haven't been gettin too many emails recently and that must mean that I've answered all the questions there are. I guess with that I will end this entry, until next week...

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