Prospect Mailbag: Sean Thompson

Just like the mailman, Sean Thompson keeps coming back. Alex Trebeck can't hide any answers behind the Jeopardy board with Thompson lurking. You dont have to phrase it in the form of a question but it is preferred.

You can reach Sean by emailing

I noticed that the chops keep getting bigger and bigger and will probably soon reach across your chin like a helmet! Any method to this madness or is this just another Sean Thompson move to separate yourself from the crowd?

For example: in warm-ups throwing a pitch up the middle of the back stop to get scouts attention, bouncing the bat in between and behind your legs when taking a pitch, or even saying heads up when batting practice isn't even going on!!! Miss you Sean and hope things are going well.

Sam Rosenbrock

Sean Thompson: Haha, that's awesome Sammy, thank you for that. On the chops, yeah they are pretty ugly when they are long. I didn't realize it until I saw my profile on the padres website. Truly an embarrassing site. I have had the chinstrap recently and I like it but my hair is too long so I just look like a sloppy guy. Anyway, everything is going well out here in Tennessee with Kristen and I will be home in December. I hope to get a chance to see you before I head down to Arizona in January. That's awesome how you remember some of those things as well. I thought I was the only one who thought about those good times. Miss you too buddy and I'll talk to you soon. P.S. Don't buy the cards on eBay you dummy, I've got tons for my boys so stop it!!!

What were you thinking as the team was choosing its 40-man roster? Were you nervous they might drop you from it?

-Another Shawn with a cooler spelling

Sean Thompson: Well Shawn, I'm assuming your a female because that's how the girls spell it...that's actually a very good question. It wasn't that I was nervous about being put back on the roster; it was the fact that I didn't really want to go to another team. I know its silly but I was more focused on the idea of me having to maybe go to a team that has pinstripes in the big leagues that I really didn't think about too much else. I also have been checking the Internet all the time to see if any moves have been made and just pretty much driving myself crazy waiting to get down to Arizona so that I can try and prove myself once again so that maybe I can get a smidge of notoriety. Thank you for your question and I hope I answered it well.

Love the journal. Today's was about being excited to look around spring training and seeing all the faces. But you did not talk about how you will strive to make the Big League team. Is it unrealistic for you this year and is it a target for ‘07?


Sean Thompson: Well Jose, there is never a time that I am not striving to make the big league team. Is it realistic for me to make the team this year, to me, yes. Although I haven't really shown enough, apparently, to see what I can do up there. I do think that I need to improve on many things before I can try to settle in up there but I'm not sure when they might give me a shot. 2007, I'm not gonna say yes completely, in fact its really up to how this year goes, and also who stays and who goes. That's a great question and thank you for your email.

I read your post today on madfriars and was wondering... isn't this your second camp and isn't it time for you to give some of the newbies crap?


Sean Thompson: Matt, truthfully, I still see myself as a newbie. No way am I going to try to be "that guy" and mess with guys quite yet. Now I'm not saying that I won't, in fact, I'm always messing with everyone anyway. It's just I'm still a student in class on that side if you will, but im trying to become maybe even an intern or a substitute teacher this year, so who knows. I just think that I need more time, maybe even a few years in the league to start messing with guys like that, though I never really have been like that ya know. Like the whole Seniors beat the Freshmans ass in initiation, yeah that was never me. I was the freshman who brought a bat to school and said ok, you @#$%ers think your going to do anything to me, then just be ready to wear it right back. Anyway, thank you for your question. It was a good one, and feel free to send me more.

I hope you're all that and more when/if you get to the big club, we need a good lefthander, make the big team from spring training next season and I will invite you to my house for some home cooking you're going to love, it's in TJ though, but I'm good for it if you're up to it.

So, we have a deal?

Take care.

Gabriel Armenta
Tijuana, Mexico

Sean Thompson: Wow! That would be awesome. I love Mexican food. The only thing is that I've heard its a little risky down in TJ. Maybe if I make the big club, I can get you out to San Diego and we can cook somethin' up together. I hope I can get to the big club that would be nice in so many ways. Thanks for the email, and now I have another reason I can look forward to if I make the club.

seven hits in 28 at bats...not bad at all. two multi-hit games. how were you able to keep the success at the plate with all of you responsibilities as a pitcher?

are we ever going to see an extra base hit or do you get winded just making it to first?

but 11 k's - are you trying to get hitting tips from Corey "strikeout" Smith?

how are the bunting skillz?

Mobile, Al

Sean Thompson: The hitting really has always been something that I take pride in as a pitcher, plus its always nice to help in that aspect of the game for us on that day that we start. It only gets in my head and messes with my focus when I don't get the bunt down or when I strike out, then I'm pissed in the dugout, so that would be the only thing that might mess with my mind.

Haha, on the extra-base hits, hey I'm trying. Trust me, but our manager only lets us take batting practice the day before and the day of our starts so its kinda difficult, ya know. By the way, I don't get winded going to first base, trust me, there are only a few guys, maybe three, that could beat me from home to first, anyway. A lot of the strikeouts were due to my antsy-ness to get out of the box on a sac bunt. Then I would get down 0-2, and still have to bunt. The others are from me taking "extra base hits" swings or from some guy throwing sliders that break my wrists. So, I hope that I answered all your questions, which were great, and I hope that if you have more, you won't be afraid to email them.

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