Padres' Prospect journal: Sean Thompson

Well, only about six more days left and I'm back in La Junta. Yes, the little old town that has mixed feelings toward me, but my family is there and I can't wait to be back. Plus, I will get to experience the weather that I love so much and that I only get to be in for about two months every year. It's going to be Christmas time with lights on most of the houses and the Christmas tree smell every time I wake up.

You all know what I'm talking about. When I was younger, I always loved waking up and having that smell of the tree upstairs in the living room. It was the best time ever.

Although I did have the reoccurring dream every day from the 20th of December till Christmas eve. It was the worst, I dreamed that I had already woken up, opened all the presents, most of which weren't on the list. It wasn't so bad but every time after that dream, I would wake up and run upstairs to see that the presents were still there. Then finally on Christmas day, everything worked out.

Anyway, got a little sidetracked but anyway, so I'm going to be home. I just don't want to have to get on the stupid plane. That's the worst thing because I hate flying so much. It scares me with all the turbulence. But, then, I get to get off the plane, get in my car that I miss a lot, and drive straight to chipotle. Also, I get to drive from there to this place called A Taste of Philly. The best Philly cheese steak sandwich that I have ever had and I get to have it for like three weeks.

I have to make a few stops though on the way home. ThunderRidge High School is probably going to be one of my stops. My pitching coach from my high school has, as of this past weekend, won another state championship as one of the football coaches.

I would like to take this time to tell those guys at ThunderRidge - congratulations for adding to the many accolades that that school has won in the past few years.

I will also visit Kristen's parents and some of her family that live in Denver as well. Ok, ok, I'm sure those of you who read this, don't want to read about this stuff so how bout you people throw me a freekin' bone here. I would also like to say hello to my favorite little fan Makinzie Hoagland, "lil mack". I hope all is going well out there and I hope you have a great Christmas, your family as well.

All right, I guess since nothing is coming to me right now, I'm going to name a rough draft of my favorite movies, top ten for now.

#10 I think I'm going to have to go with Brewster's Millions. Great movie and Prior was awesome. I mean how fun would it be to have to spend thirty million dollars in the attempt to inherit three hundred million.
#9 The Major League Series. Those movies were classic and I cant pick just one. They are great baseball movies.
#8 The Big Lebowski. I mean what better way to spend a summer than playing minor league baseball and watching that movie over and over with your boy Aarron Coonrod. I cant' tell you how many times we laughed, then rewound, and laughed again. I just have one thing to say about that movie, "I didn't take it bowling, I didn't rent it shoes, its not taking your freekin turn dude!" Yeah, anyway.
#7 The Money Pit. What a great way to sink your life savings into something not knowing what you have just done. It's a classic Tom Hanks movie and I watched it with my parents when I was younger and still love it to this day.
#6 Big. Another one of Tom Hanks' classic films. As a kid that was a dream of all of ours and don't say it wasn't.
#5 Field of Dreams. Great movie and such a classic I couldn't ignore it.
#4 Basic. This movie has so many twists and turns that I can't even begin to explain them. Just watch the movie and try to predict what happens in the end.
#3 Hook. Yeah I know but I love the movie and it's the best Peter Pan movie.
#2 Goonies. If I could trade in everything for everyday to be like that movie, I would. In fact, if my number 1 was never made, this would be it.
#1 Se7en. This movie is the best movie that I have ever seen. I love it. I could watch it anytime of the day any day. Awesome.

Ok so that's a list, in fact its not even my top ten, I thought I could just do it in a whim, but I definitely have to give it more thought. I will say that my top two will not change, but I'm not even sure that you people would like to know, so unless I get emails then I'm just scratching this from my next week's journal.

Anyway, I need to go now cuz this whole list has made me want to watch Se7en. Until next week...

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