Padres' Prospect journal: Sean Thompson

Well, as you all know now, I made it. Yes, the plane landed successfully both flights that I had to get me home. I only broke down like twice so I was pretty proud of myself. I'm not going to lie to you though, I had a very large Captain and Coke before the first flight.

Anyway, so I get back to Denver, get off the plane and my mom and dad and I went straight to Taste of Philly. By the way, the owner of the place is from Philly for all of you that think that I'm oblivious to the scrumtrulescent taste of a real Philly cheese steak.

So anywho, it was so nice to see them considering the last time I saw them was last Feb. We got home and my other dog, the family dog, Yoshi, was just a sight for sore eyes. She is the biggest, prettiest, white dog. Yeah, I said the prettiest. She looks like the coca cola polar bears that you see during Christmas time.

It is just nice to be home. It was also nice to sit and watch the Broncos, considering out in Tennessee they don't broadcast the Broncos games. But hey, I got to watch the Titans. Haha.

So I'm assuming you all have seen that we got Trevor back. I'm telling you I'm happy he is back. From what I know from spring training and just seeing him workout and throw, there's no one you would want more closing out games. He is one of the hardest working pitchers I have ever seen.

There were tons of moves so truthfully, I really don't know what is going to happen this year, but it's going to be an exciting year regardless. It might even be more exciting for me if I go down to spring training this year and try to display the act of pitching instead of my performance last year which resembled a quadriplegic trying to do a full body workout on the bowflex.

I have been working hard this off-season and I'm going to Arizona a month early to workout to prepare myself as much as I can.

Kristen gets in town tomorrow along with Bella and it's going to be nice to see them again. I know it's only been like two days, but I cant lie, I miss that little turd, and Bella too.

Ooohh and then I got my car out of the shop today and ahhh it was so nice to sit in my own car. Its not a Bentley or anything, but its mine and with all the rental cars, and Kristen's girly Montero, it was time for me to sit up a little higher on the road.

My family waited till I got home so we could get a tree together and we got a great tree. It was so exciting to go out and search for trees again. I love seeing the tree all lit up with different colors and different ornaments from over the years.

Anyway, I received a few emails about my movie list, and you guys were right, I did leave a few off of there, but I wanted to see also if any of you had any interest in that subject. Cuz I always ask people what their favorite movies are, it's just a fun conversation. So, now that I have seen that a few of you are interested, I will begin to try to put together maybe a top one hundred or a list of the movies that I enjoy. Anyway, other than that, not too much has changed, but I'm home now so I'm going to relax for awhile, so until next week...

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