Padres Prospect Journal: Sean Thompson

So, you all know that I get a little uncomfortable when being put on the spot for anything. If you all can remember my analogy of being in class and being called on without notice and the expectation of answers or any kind of info for that matter. Well, even pranks, I'll have you know, can make me very antsy and nervous if I'm caught off guard enough.

You know, like if you're at a restaurant, and someone at your table tells the waitress that it's my birthday, and then fifteen people come over with some kind of antics that may involve total embarrassment.

Yeah, I get the same feeling inside where I pretty much just want to die.

Anyway, last night I was at an Old Chicago restaurant in Denver, the site of the Jon Lynch show. By the way, the same John Lynch that wears #47 for the Broncos and crushes bones upon contact. Anyway, every Monday night, News 4's Vic Lombardi, John Lynch, and whomever the Broncos special guest is, come down to the restaurant and do a thirty-minute segment on recent news and events with the Broncos. So, there are tons of people there, and these NFL football players are there hanging out and televising live.

Now, the general manager of this Old Chicago is Scott Parrill, who also happens to be Kristen's cousin. He invited us down to see the show and eat and hang out. During a lovely appetizer of artichoke dip, Scott comes over and starts to tease me and lead me to believe that Vic, the host of the show, is going to come over and interview me about baseball and stuff.

So, yeah, haha, I get a little laugh out of it and I'm starting to get really nervous and sweat starts to run. Now, interviews, though few have been had, aren't a big deal for me, but with Broncos players in the same room as me, and tons of football fans with no knowledge that I even exist, kind of puts me in that nervous want to throw up situation.

Time goes by and the show begins to wrap itself up. I'm not really paying too much attention anymore to the little tease that went on before. Scott comes back to the table and starts to tease but the makes me believe that he was just joking, especially after I let him know how my stomach turned the last time he let me know what he had been planning. So, the show ends and everything is over. I just finished a superb pizza dish, so I'm feeling a little full and satisfied, comfortable you might say.

All of a sudden out of the corner of my right eye, a man starts to get a little closer than someone would if he were just going to pass me by. I turn and as I'm being tapped on the shoulder, its definitely Vic Lombardi and he shakes my hand. He asks me a few questions to confirm that I play for the Padres, and then throws the hook line and sinker asking me if I was the pitcher that was drafted out of ThunderRidge High School.

So, at this point, everything starts to get a little darker, and the previous meals of the day begin to fight in my stomach. I'm not talking about a little stomach turning, I'm talking my stomach was a steel cage match to the death between a beautiful Chipotle burrito, and the somewhat of and underdog, pizza and artichoke dip. Anyway, then he says that he would like me to follow him so he can do an interview. That was the double barrel, over and under both trigger pull at the same time moment when I figured that, hey I gave it a nice run with not too much embarrassment, but now its all going to blow up in my face on TV, with angry football fans in a restaurant, in front of Kristen and her parents.

As I begin to stand, and the transition of the hot and cold sweats returns to its cold sweat interval, he turns to me and says, I'm just playin' buddy you were set up.

I thought I heard him correctly so I turned back to the bench at our table and collapse with joy and an overwhelming sensation much like that of when we won the state championship my sophomore year at La Junta.

Then the table begins to laugh and so does Vic. So, to wrap that story up, Scott, you got me, and oh it will be great now that we have opened the doors to a new level of this relationship. In fact, as of right now, I'm taking suggestions on how to counterstrike Scott's evil empire that set out to catch me alive and torture me.

Also, while I'm on the subject in a sense, if you are ever in Denver or live there now, please check out the Old Chicago on Broadway and Mineral. Great people, great food, and don't worry, Scott is generally a nice guy, unless he spots a young, helpless young soul, who in his eyes might think his time is up.

Ok, turning the page, I have begun my list of movies and I must say that this is a little harder than I expected. Either way, I will be releasing that list soon and some of the movies include, Man on Fire, Little Giants, and even Kindergarten Cop. So, with that being said, I think that I'm going to get back to my list, until next week...

Happy Holidays!

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