Padres Prospect Interview: Drew Davidson

Outfielder Drew Davidson slugged .304 with runners in scoring position (RISP) in Eugene and .429 with RISP and two outs for the same Emeralds team. Yet, it wasn't always so easy.

Talk about your slow start in Eugene over the first five games and then hitting your stride shortly thereafter. Was it because of the long season in college?

Drew Davidson: I struggled a little bit my junior year in college. My senior year I was just looking to get a shot to show I could play. I just wanted that chance to come out and see what I could do and when I finally got the opportunity I had a slow start but at the same time was hitting the ball hard – just at people. I think I started out 1-for-15 but only struck out a couple of times. I was putting the ball in play but just hit it right at people. I was staying consistent and making consistent, hard contact and eventually it started finding the holes and took off.

You mentioned being a senior – did you get drafted where you thought you would and what were your expectations?

Drew Davidson: With my numbers and being a senior sign I really didn't know. I had a feeling that if I would have had the year I had my junior year that I had my senior year that I would have gone a lot earlier than I did. Being a senior sign I knew I was going to slip a little in the draft and the signing bonus wasn't going to be as big. But that is what you expect and at that point you are just looking for the chance to go out there and play. Once you are out there playing, anything can happen and it does not matter what round you were taken in or how much money you made.

Bill Bryk called you an "interesting sign" that late – what do you think that means?

Drew Davidson: They took me in the 22nd round and I talked to Bill before and he had mentioned they didn't realize I had power that I showed this year. I think that was a surprise to them. When guys get picked that late it is not that big of a risk for them. They are not going to give a lot of money and if they get a guy that late who does well for them it is a bonus.

Were you surprised that you were promoted to Fort Wayne after just 34 games played with the Ems?

Drew Davidson: A little bit. I guess I didn't really know what to expect. I wasn't expecting to get moved up in my first year. I had a good friend of mine from high school that was in the Rockies organization that played in the Northwest League and did really well and didn't get moved up. So, I didn't really know what to expect. I was just out there trying to put together a solid season and see where I went from there.

What has the off-season been like for you?

Drew Davidson: I have been doing my hitting and throwing. I started off light with the throwing to build it up and have been swinging for the last month or so. Running on the treadmill – everything you need to do to stay fit and in shape. As we get a little closer to the day we report I will pick it up a little more.

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