The Buc's Bombers

The San Diego Padres will hold an early hitting camp in spring training for 17 minor league players, a group called the "Buc's Bombers". The hope is several players will elevate their game and make some of the decisions that are on the horizon easier. Here is a look at the hitters invited to the exclusive camp.

"We are having an early hitters camp for a week before the position players report starting March 2," Bill Bryk, the Padres minor league field coordinator, said. "We are bringing in 16 or 17 hitters – we call them the Buc's Bombers. I call Rob Deer Buc. A big deer. There is a reason – we are bringing some guys in that we don't know as much about."

Mike Baxter
Kyle Blanks
Adam Bourassa
Tim Brown
Matt Bush
Juan Ciriaco
Nic Crosta
Drew Davidson
Joey Gomes
Chase Headley
Michael Johnson
Seth Johnston
Daryl Jones
Drew Macias
Yordany Ramirez
Corey Smith
William Venable

Brown and Crosta are the newest additions to the family - the only two players not on any roster last year.

Jones and Blanks may find themselves fighting for position within the lower levels of the minors.

Bush and Ramirez they would like to see more bat out of in the coming year and are hoping they both find themselves in Lake Elsinore.

Macias has gained some weight this off-season and the team is hopeful that his bat continues in the Southern League.

Venable is a bit of a wildcard. He has five-tool potential but is still learning the game.

Johnson has undeniable power but must remain healthy and consistent. Smith had a strong winter and the team will work with him to ensure it continues into the season.

Baxter and Johnston are both gap hitters that the Padres want to know more about - and each could change positions this year.

Brown and Davidson are power bats - and Brown could surprise some with a starting first base nod in the lower levels.

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