Derrick Robinson Is All About The Speed

When you mention a high school prospect, you will usually talk a player with lots of tools and enormous potential to blossom into his potential. However, when you mention the name of Derrick Robinson to a scout, prepare to go on-and-on about his blazing speed. Robinson (a perfect fit for PETCO?) is the fastest player in the nation and the only thing that could hold up his baseball career is the sport of football. Robinson tells what his goals are and which sport he will pursue.

"Derrick Robinson is without a doubt the fastest person in the 2006 draft class," one area scout from Florida told the Scout Network.

Other reports have Robinson as the fastest player to ever play high school baseball.

"I am very thankful for my speed," Robinson said. "It definitely is an advantage to my game. I work real hard on it."

As the leadoff batter for PK Yonge High School, Robinson batted .359 with forty-eight stolen bases and a team high twenty-four runs scored. Robinson led his club to the state regional quarterfinals as a junior and was named on the Florida 2A Second Team All-State team.

The switch-hitter is also a great defensive outfielder, and scouts that have seen Robinson play would note that he rarely lets ball drop in the outfield. Robinson also has a strong and accurate arm in the outfield, and can play all three outfield positions.

However, the outfielder who compares himself to Kenny Lofton and Juan Pierre, has committed to the University of Florida, and many believe he will follow a career with football and not baseball because of his blazing speed. Robinson was eager to tell the truth.

"I am far better in baseball than I am in football," said Robinson. "I will play both sports if I attend the University of Florida, but I believe my future is with baseball."

Robinson remembers a game in which his team was really struggling offensively. Leading just 1-0, he knew he needed to create something with his speed. Robinson found his way on first base, and then proceeded to steal second and third base, before scoring the insurance run in a 2-0 victory.

Robinson, prepared for the upcoming 2006 draft, is keeping everything to himself. The outfielder knows exactly what round he needs to be selected in for him to sign a professional contract.

"I have thought about the draft process and am ready to test it out," said Robinson. "However, I won't reveal my thinking in terms of what it will take for me to sign a professional contract."

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