Padres Prospect Interview: Tim Brown

"I am excited to be in another organization and to have a shot," first baseman and new Padres prospect Tim Brown said. "From the sounds of it they treat Independent players well and give them a chance just like anyone else. I am looking forward to the opportunity."

A Frontier League All-Star in 2005, Tim Brown was signed by the San Diego Padres this off-season.

Brown hit .323 with 16 home runs and 71 RBI in helping to lead Kalamazoo to their first Frontier League championship this season. Brown was a 12th round draft pick of the Pittsburgh Pirates out of high school in 2001, and spent four seasons in their organization before being signed by the Kings for the 2005 season.

Was that one of the reasons you and the Padres became a match?

Tim Brown: They have a good rep about that. It helps but they were the first one to knock on my door.

Talk about playing with the Pirates and how that situation and eventual release took place

Tim Brown: They signed me and I was a young kid coming out of high school. They had thoughts of me being a big power hitter which I think I have the potential to do but I wasn't where they wanted me to be. They have a lot of big, strong guys that can hit the ball a long way and good players. I am an RBI guy who hits doubles and I will hit 20-30 every year if I get the right opportunity. It wasn't a bad thing. It didn't work out. They had a lot of talent and it worked out for the better. I got to play for Kalamazoo last year and won a Championship. I get a fresh start with a new organization.

It seemed like your power has come around based on your season with Kalamazoo

Tim Brown: I had a pretty good year last year. The Frontier League is not known for its pitching. They have some good guys and I started to figure it out last year and hit my own way and did my own thing. I didn't have a hitting coach in my ear telling me what to do so it was kind of nice.

What really changed to augment those numbers across the board?

Tim Brown: Mostly it was mental. Mentally I knew I was going to play everyday. Mentally I knew I could go 0-for-4 and it was not a big deal because I could come to the yard the next day and it was my job. I was able to hit the way I wanted to hit. The Pirates wanted me to pull the ball all the time, hit a lot of home runs and strike out a lot. That is not the kind of hitter I am. I use the whole field and hit doubles to the left-centerfield gap and hopefully drive in a lot of runs. That is kind of what I did. I let my ability do its own thing instead of trying to do something I wasn't used to doing.

It also translated into less strikeouts and more walks.

Tim Brown: I cut down on the strikeouts and had quite a few walks which is good. That is the kind of hitter I want to be. I want to get on base a lot and help the team.

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