Where do these Padres prospects fit

We caught up with Jeff Kingston, the Padres director of baseball operations, to see where Peter Ciofrone fits, the progress of Matt Bush, the outfield in Mobile, a sleeper to watch this year, and more.

John Conniff: Peter Ciofrone had a nice year at the plate, what position does he fit into for the Storm next year?

Jeff Kingston: We will continue to move him around, right now he profiles more as a left handed hitting utility guy. His approach and knowledge of the strike zone are as good as anyone in the organization.

John Conniff: How did Matt Bush look in the instructional leagues.

Jeff Kingston: He made some progress, especially the last ten days. He had a little more balance, more consistent approach and mentally going through what he needs to be successful at the plate.

John Conniff: Chris Kolkhorst had another good year for the Padres, and once again he hit very well during a mid-season promotion. Will he get an opportunity to compete for one of the outfield jobs at Mobile next year?

Jeff Kingston: Its hard to predict, but he has a chance. A lot of it depends where Kennard Jones ends up. We also drafted Johnny Gomes [a Rule V pick up], and he's slated to be at AA. Again a lot of it depends what happens at the upper levels. Kolkhorst probably will be playing with the AA squad in spring training, so he‘ll get his shot.

John Conniff: Will he have an opportunity to play in centerfield?

Jeff Kingston: Again, it just really depends who is on the team.

John Conniff: All three writers have picked a "sleeper" candidate, a prospect most fans haven't heard off, who should start appearing on fan's radar this season. Who would you pick?

Jeff Kingston: Who did you pick?

John Conniff: I picked Sean Kazmar.

Jeff Kingston: A great kid, great makeup, can still play shortstop, but we shifted him to second base with Bush there. Pesky little hitter, plays hard, yeah he would get my vote.

John Conniff: I couldn't agree more.

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