Vinny Castilla interview

Vinny Castilla, playing for Mexico in the WBC, had to face Padres teammate Jake Peavy on Tuesday. He went 1-for-3 as his team lost 2-0 to the USA.

What are you feeling of you being the captain of the team and how does the team feel?

Vinny Castilla: I feel -- first of all a lot of emotion. I'm very proud of representing the country. It was a little bit long. I might forget. The main thing is, you know, pitching is main thing in a game.

And, you know, anybody can win, and we are very aware of our chances, because we have very good pitching. We're very proud of representing our country. We have the best players in Mexico together.

Mexico and United States border countries. They're been a lot of history in between. Is there more to it than just a game?

VINNY CASTILLA: Obviously it's a great team, and there's nothing extra. Just a game between two countries, and we want to demonstrate what kind of baseball we have. That's the most important thing, for us to demonstrate what kind of baseball and baseball players we have.

Several players, quite a few players, dropped out especially -- a lot of times, was because they joined a new team. You joined the San Diego Padres, but you elected to play for Mexico in this. What was the reason why you wanted to play for this country here and didn't back out of it?

VINNY CASTILLA: Because I always wanted to represent my country. This is the first time they made this tournament where the Major League baseball players can participate.

I was -- want to do it. I waited for so much time to represent the country, and this is an opportunity I wasn't letting go. I'm very proud to have Mexico on my chest, and we're ready to play. Very excited to play in this tournament.

I waited so long for this.

Talk about playing against Jake Peavy, your teammate. What are you expecting from him? You learned enough about him just from camp to pick up anything?

VINNY CASTILLA: Well, I faced him before, and I know where he throws. He knows me, too. So you know, he just wants to go out there trying to get me out, try to help his country win like I'm going to be out there to try to get a hit to help my team win. He's my teammate, but he's my enemy. And like I say, he's going to try to do his best like I want to try to do my best.

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