Padres Prospect Interview: Brett Dowdy

Brett Dowdy split the 2005 season between Fort Wayne and Lake Elsinore, battling some injuries along the way and playing multiple positions. talked to Dowdy about the season that was.

Talk about your fractured wrist and coming back and struggling.

Brett Dowdy: I battled a few things (last) year with injury and had to go home to take care of some things with the family. When you are in the groove and something like that happens, you get out of the groove and have to come back and sometimes you get in the groove a little quicker and sometimes it takes a little longer.

When it takes a little longer you get frustrated and start trying to do too much.

Lake Elsinore went to the playoffs this past year. What was that like?

Brett Dowdy: I hadn't really ever experienced and being in the playoffs is a whole different thing. You are always trying to play hard one through nine, but you are so much more focused and give seriously everything you have out there. It is exciting to watch guys move guys over and do everything for the team. They saw how close we were to winning.

Talk about going from Fort Wayne to Lake Elsinore and the subtle differences.

Brett Dowdy: The field here is different; it is a little bit faster. The pitching is more polished. They know how to pitch the game a little bit better. They are not scared to throw 1-0, 2-0 sliders.

You have talked in the past about being aggressive. Do you feel you have been aggressive enough on the field?

Brett Dowdy: I think I have been aggressive. I don't think I have been as aggressive as I hoped I would have. I think there were some opportunities where I could have stretched some singles into doubles and made the outfielder stop me. Instead I didn't and on that point I wish I had been a little more aggressive. At the same time, you don't want to take too many chances and run the ballclub out of some runs.

Was coming to the Padres from the Dodgers everything you had hoped for?

Brett Dowdy: I came up here and they gave me a chance to play everyday. For that I am grateful. There is really not too much I can complain about. I went from not playing everyday to being given an opportunity and chance to play.

You started the year in Fort Wayne and I recall you telling us that it would be a month before you were in the California League. It took longer than that – were you disappointed?

Brett Dowdy: It definitely took a little longer. You learn in this game that you can't take what everyone says – you have to take it with a grain of salt. They say something to you that is positive – great, I hope that happens and if it doesn't you just try and keep working to get to where you want to go. When it happens it happens.

Did you feel yourself start to press when the promotion didn't come right away?

Brett Dowdy: It definitely does weigh on your mind and that is when mentally you have to bear down and focus. You have to keep going out there day after day, play your game, play as hard as you can and eventually things will happen and God has his plan for you.

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