Padres "awful"

Padres manager Bruce Bochy called his club's offensive efforts "awful." Several of his players chose "pathetic" as the way to describe the Padres' woeful attack.

In three straight losses to Arizona, the Padres hit .154 with four walks for a .189 on-base percentage. Slugging percentage?

Try .252. Three of the 18 Padres who reached base in the three losses were erased by double plays. And to balance the four walks were 23 strikeouts. As for runners in scoring position ... the Padres had 12 chances. And one scored -- on a sacrifice fly. Only once in the three games did the Padres get two hits in an inning.

The three-game embarrassment against the Diamondbacks was an extension of the Padres' offensive malaise.

San Diego is 2-5 on a homestand that resumes Friday night when the Dodgers arrive. The Padres have scored 15 runs in the seven home games -- although seven came in one win over the Mets last Sunday. The Padres are hitting .197 on the homestand.

"Right now, we're pretty pathetic offensively," catcher Mike Piazza said. "It's time to make a move and a statement. Start small. Win a series."

"It's definitely frustrating," outfielder Brian Giles said. "We're not hitting the ball at all. It's tough to be as pathetic offensively as we've been."

Said infielder Mark Bellhorn: "We don't seem to be able to manufacture anything right now. We don't have that swagger. Every winning team that I've played on, when games came down to the eighth, they've stepped it up. Right now, when we're down in the eighth, I don't know if we have that confidence to come back."

"We're awful right now and we know it," Bochy said. "You want to get some good swings off. We've gotten defensive at the plate. This has gone on far too long. This shouldn't happen. There's no easy answer. We have to compete a little better. What you look for is great at-bats. We've been missing a lot of those right now. For us to be in this rut for that long shouldn't happen."

"It's frustrating," batting coach Dave Magadan said. "If we were having good at-bats and hitting the ball hard, it'd be different. But we're making a lot of soft outs. When we get the count in our favor, we're chasing out of the strike zone. It's amazing how the whole team can get into a funk like this."

REPLAY: Mike Piazza became the 41st member of baseball's 400-homer club Wednesday with a ninth-inning, 416-foot shot over Arizona closer Jose Valverde.

But Piazza, the all-time home run leader among catchers, called the milestone "bittersweet," as it came in a 3-2 loss to the Diamondbacks.

"I would have liked for it to have meant something for the team," said Piazza, who added reaching the 400-mark took him a lot longer than he expected.

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