Padres' Prospect Interview: Tim Turner

Padres' prospect Tim Turner went undrafted a year ago but was pushed to Lake Elsinore in 2006 where he has spent 18 games patrolling centerfield.

Talk about winning the fastest man competition during spring training.

Tim Turner: I ran well. I ran against guys like Luis Durango – there were some fast guys in there. The Lord blessed me with speed. We started off running one qualifying round, just like in track. Then it goes the last seed with the best guys. It turned out that I came out in front.

Talk about last season, coming in as a free agent, what happened, and how the off-season changed from college to professional ball.

Tim Turner: Last year, I learned so much. I think I grew more as a player than I ever would have thought. I was so raw when I first got here. My swing was all over the place. I started to figure out more and more each day.

This off-season I got after it. I really worked hard and tried to shorten my swing. I had a lot of strikeouts last year. That was my main approach: shorten my swing, make contact, and let my legs get working. I know the rest will take place after that.

Short swing. Short swing. During spring training, I started off slow but am starting to feel it more and more.

Does this mean we won't see the power from last year – something that was new to your career in baseball thus far.

Tim Turner: That was the thing, it was the first time in my career that I hit home runs. I think that had a lot to with my strikeouts. I realy had never hit a lot of home runs before and started to hit a couple out but I was striking out a lot, swinging as hard as I could to hit one out. I just got into a bad habit.

How do you get back that patience at the plate?

Tim Turner: I have never been a guy who hacked for the fences. I have never been that guy before. So, it is not hard for me to get back to a more controlled swing. It is just mentally saying, ‘That is not your game.'

As long as I can remember I have been a raw hitter since I played two sports. In college and high school I played everything. I have learned a lot. I am learning how to become a hitter.

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