Sean Thompson journal: I'm Baaack!

So what...just because its been several months, several other sports have had their championships and stuff like that, but let me tell you, the time from the last time I wrote you guys through present day, tish has been hittin the fan.

I would like to say hello once again to all of you who of course were too busy to bitch and complain about the fact that I haven't been doing my journal for a while. No, no...its ok...I understand fans are very hard to come by and hard to please. It's ok, that you all forgot about me and decided that I was just someone who made you half smile. You what...I'm just going to give you the benefit of the doubt and think to myself that you all just suddenly forgot how to use a computer and email and such. Now, as for me, it has been a ride...let me fill you in.

The offseason started off with me in tears, yeah, in tears. So I'm not gonna lie, after our season ended in Mobile, I went straight to Tennessee with Kristen and Bella. Mobile's season was over, but Lake Elsinore's was not. They were in the playoffs, and I was pretty f'n stoked that my boys were playing for a ring. I wanted to be down there so bad, if not just to play, to at least be in the dugout or in the stands watchin' them play cuz they were such a fun group to play with and to watch. Since I couldn't be there, I had Kristen's computer in my lap and my captain and coke in my hand. I listened to the boys go up early and oh I was so happy. Then it went the other way, and then game 5 came and then ended with me in tears for them...

So yea I cried a little, and then I cried a lot. I'm going to blame most of it on Captain Morgan, but the rest was because I really wanted those guys to win. The few people I called, just from the sound of their voice, it was as though each one of them had their souls ripped from their insides, and then for extra fun, an entire soccer team had a free shot to kick them in the crotch. Yea, that's what I said, so I couldn't even muster enough courage to call the rest of them.

Anyway, back to what has been going on that isn't as dark and depressing. I stayed out in Tennessee and spent my time with Kristen and Bella. It was a relaxing time. I finally got to watch Kristen play again. One of the best parts of going to her games, aside from watching her play, was the entertainment I received from the college boys. It was always fun to sit up in the stands and be sitting right next to guys that would just ramble on about the girls on the team. When Kristen's name was brought up, it was great. I got to have some fun with these guys. I would go along with them sometimes, ‘oh man, look at 8, she's a hotty' and of course I'd throw in ‘oh man, yeah, how much would you give me If I walked up to her and gave her a little kiss after the game.' Or stuff like that, and then after the game, she left with me. HAHAHA!!! Yep, that's right, it's always more fun if you have someone out of your league because then its it's easier to get them to go along with it. Anyway, Kristen's team made into the NCAA tournament and went up to Virginia. I drove up with Kristen's dad and Bella. It was a good time - even the fact that I had to carry Bella around in that stupid, girly, pink poka-dot doggy bag. See, it wasn't so much that I was carrying around a dog in a pink bag, because I'm comfortable with my sexuality, Its the fact that I was toting around a @$%#ing Chihuahua, whose name is Bella, in a pink poka-dot bag. It wasn't that it was weird, It's just that I kinda felt like the cast member from ‘Brokeback Mountain' that was cut out of all my scenes because I was too, I was too..ya know! So yeah, aside from all that it was a great time. They ended up falling to Virginia in the final game of the weekend. After soccer was over, it was nice because Kristen was around more and we got to spend more time together.

Halloween was another fun time I spent out in Tennessee. While I was dressed as a hippy from Boulder, Colorado, and if you all don't know what that looks like, it was me not shaved for like a week and a half, a beanie, a very, very, non heterosexual hemp necklace choker, and army pants. Oh, and an even less heterosexual strip of leather wrapped twice around my wrist. As for my other half, her and her other braniac friends, they decided to be spice girls. You don't need details, or pictures, nothing that will help you have aggressive thoughts toward my girlfriend, but they all looked their parts – for the most part. I chatted with Chase Headley while I was at a little get together on that night and as you all know he is with the Padres' organization, but what you might not know is that we played against and together in high school summer ball and in younger years. Anyway, to wrap this little session up of Halloween, I just went to sleep later that night, or everything went dark and the next morning I figured I fell asleep.

So, it was getting to be that time again, Christmas time. Time for me to leave the land of orange and go home and see my family. Kristen and I went home and it was so nice to see everyone again. Christmas was great. I got to eat mom's good cooking, and it was so nice.

For Christmas, I got exactly what I wanted. All the seasons of ‘Family Guy' that were out at the time, and even a Stewie shirt. For those of you who don't know what ‘Family Guy' is, its a very funny, very politically incorrect cartoon that will have you laughing at the same stuff that makes you think, damn, most of these things that they make fun of is actually comical and not something to write in a letter somewhere, or get a bunch of you nerds together to form your own little cult that just wants to go against something new, and not as old fashion as you portray your life to be, old fashion as Marilyn Monroe's granny panties!

Before I go on, I would just like to say its nice to be back, and you all know you love reading something other than some book that you have a dictionary lying next to it cuz you don't even know what half the words mean, or the newspaper, when you know you want the sports section, and the comics and that's all, except for the McGoos who do the crossword, lets be honest, figure it out, nice life.

Anyway, back to ‘Family Guy', for those of you who do know what ‘Family Guy' is and don't care for it, please, stand up, step away from the article you are reading right now, go to the bathroom and make incisions on your face that will remove your lips. You don't need them cuz you don't like to laugh. Basically, I cant talk to you anymore cuz you have no sense of humor and everything I,ve said so far has put you in such a sour mood, you,ve already got two envelopes sealed with complaints about something!!!!

By the way, just to jump into something else, remember when I wrote about the ridiculous scenario with the pink locker room and all that fuss. I just wore a pink jersey here in Mobile this past Sunday to help raise money for breast cancer. So for all of you whatever you are that complained or chimed in about it, save it!!! Pink is a girl color, and that's as far as it goes, aside from the often jokes thrown out there, but there are many jokes flyin around that would make anyone upset. By the way, we won in those pinks so HA!

Anyway, look, its late, and I think I'm going to save some for next time...until then...great to be back!

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