Defense falters

Half the defense-and-pitching equation that has led the Padres to a 15-4 run over the last 19 games has gone askew.

That would be the defense.

Over their first 35 games, the Padres committed only 12 errors and gave up just three unearned runs.

Over their last seven games, the Padres have made 10 errors, resulting in 11 unearned runs.

"We have to clean it up a bit," Padres manager Bruce Bochy said Friday night after the Padres made three errors in a 7-4 loss in Seattle.

"We've gotten a little sloppy. We're giving them some extra outs. We have to get back to playing the way we were. We've been making more mistakes here the past few days and it's been coming back to haunt us."

The "sloppy" play Bochy is referring to goes beyond errors. Two key hits have bounced past rookie second baseman Josh Barfield over the past four games. Seattle's last two runs Friday night were keyed by a triple past first baseman Mark Bellhorn that Adrian Gonzalez might have gloved.

"It's frustrating because we have to be a team that relies on pitching and defense," said catcher Josh Bard, who was charged with a throwing error on a seventh-inning stolen base because shortstop Khalil Greene failed to get in front of his throw at the bag. "When we don't play defense, it's going to be tough on us."

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