Padres Prospect Interview: Josh Geer

LAKE ELSINORE- After a monstrous month of June with Fort Wayne, Josh Geer earned a promotion to the Lake Elsinore Storm. And it wouldn't have been possible without the contributions of a catcher with the Fort Wayne Wizards, Brandon Gottier.

Talk about the promotion from Fort Wayne to Lake Elsinore.

Josh Geer: I was excited. I was hoping I'd get to move up some time this year. After Friday, Coach Ready called me in there and told me and I was pumped about it. I'm excited to be here.

You had a stretch where you threw scoreless ball nearly every time out. Talk about the success and what changes you have made.

Josh Geer: I've tried changing some things in my last four starts. All I've been throwing is two-seam fastballs and keeping the ball down, and it's been working for me ever since then. Hopefully I can keep doing what I've been doing.

What brought along the decision to go with the 2-seam?

Josh Geer: Actually, Brandon Gottier – we had talked about it, and then Hundley talked about, ‘try throwing your two-seam a lot,' so that's all I've been throwing. The ball's been staying down so that's all I've stuck with and it's been working for me.

Been 85-90 with it.

Have you noticed anything different with the hitters at this level?

Josh Geer: There's a little bit of difference. A lot of guys making more hard contact and everything. They're not swinging at bad pitches in the dirt. You definitely have to get ahead and make them hit your pitch. I've been pitching them the same as I have been there, and hopefully [it will] keep working out.

How has your changeup developed over the last few years?

Josh Geer: I threw it a lot last year at Rice, so it was a pitch I already had. Luckily, they emphasize the change up and that's what I like to use a lot too, so I do mix that in a lot too.

How have you progress since being drafted in the third round last year?

Josh Geer: I feel really good about where I'm at right now. Being in High-A at this time of year it's great. Hopefully, maybe I can make it to Double-A or if not, next year. I'd be real happy with that.

Talk about the team you just left behind, the Fort Wayne Wizards.

Josh Geer: There's a good group of guys down there. Hitting-wise, it's been really good. Scored a lot of runs each game. Especially defense behind me, too, everybody great defense. Our pitching's pretty good down there too, we just have to put it together down there. That's a real good team.

Do you have any focus areas for this next year, areas of your game that you want to improve upon?

Josh Geer: Definitely keeping the ball down. That's the main key at this level and the major league level. Keeping the ball down and not leaving it up, because anybody will hit it out. First pitch strikes, that's important. Getting ahead and using your offspeed to your advantage and making them swing at your pitch. That's pretty much what I've been working on and hopefully I can keep with it.

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