Prospect exit interview: Fabian Jimenez

FORT WAYNE –Former Wizards pitcher Fabian Jimenez is the type of player that the Padres Latin American operation is striving to produce, albeit more consistently, just like his stuff. But a 19-year old left handed pitcher whose fastball sits consistently in the low 90's…well he was just dealt away.

Does he have some problems? Absolutely, while his fastball sits in the low 90's his changeup is still developing and his slider is very much a work in progress. It is one of the reasons he was traded on Saturday with Joel Santo for Scott Williamson.

We caught up with Fabian in Fort Wayne, where we conducted a unique interview with his improving English and my declining Spanish.

Any problems or mix-ups in translation are mine, not Fabian's.

First could you give us an idea of what type of pitches that you throw?

Fabian Jimenez: Fastball, slider and change.

And what velocity are you throwing the fastball at?

Fabian Jimenez: The fastball comes in around 90 to 91 and the slider 83 to 84.

So you were in Fort Wayne last year had some problems, got sent back to Eugene. In May you seemed to pitch better what has been the biggest improvement?

Fabian Jimenez: My arm just feels a lot better than it did last year. Also I have a better idea of what I want to do when I pitch.

Last year I didn't know what happened too many balls were going down.

You were missing down too much?

Fabian Jimenez: Yeah, my arm angle was really off.

So mentally this year are you a better pitcher than you were last year, do you have a better idea of what you are trying to do?

Fabian Jimenez: Now is much better. I have a lot more confidence in myself that I know what to do and how to do it.

And you were signed out of which country?

Fabian Jimenez: Columbia when I was 16. I played a few years for the Padres' Dominican Summer league team, then in the Arizona League and last year in Eugene and here [Fort Wayne].

Not many people are in professional baseball from Columbia. When you think of players from Latin America its usually the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Venezuela. How did you become interested in baseball?

Fabian Jimenez: In Columbia the most popular sport is soccer, not too many people play baseball.

How did baseball become your favorite sport?

Fabian Jimenez: When I was young my dad helped me out a lot. My dad was a very good baseball player and he took me to the ballpark a lot and I liked it very much.

What are you trying to work on most to improve?

Fabian Jimenez: I really need to work on my mechanics so I can become more consistent. If I become more consistent and throw more strikes, I can last longer in games and help my team out more.

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