Padres nothing but gas

Wow. Like gas prices, what a difference a month can make. The Padres seemed to be tied to the price of oil. Conspiracy? I remember when gas was .27 cents/gallon and the Padres were in the cellar. As gas prices went up, so did the Padres standing. Coincidence?

Now, the sound you are hearing is the porcelain fixture being flushed. It's not the gas tank being filled. The cliché "they have their destiny in their own hands" is true and the Padres are letting it get away. I admit that I predicted they'd finish out of the running but I have been pleasantly surprised with the play of the veterans and the younger players too. Where they've been let down in one position, where you thought they might be strong; their ace pitcher. I really believe in Jake Peavy, but you have to say that if he only had _ the losses he has today, the Padres would be in 1st. The Padres have experimented with their 3rd base situation and it goes up one day, down the next. Seeing Khalil Greene get injured doesn't look good for the left side of the infield. Right side is solid and the Rookie of the Year player seems to be locked up except for one thing; the Padres need to finish in 1st otherwise I fear, the award will go somewhere else whether or not the stats tell the true story.

Like gas prices, the Padres fall from the top has been rather slow. You don't see gas prices coming down very quickly and the Padres, once on top, they made a long stance and watched the other teams around them make moves to improve their chances at the pennant. The question though, is what happened against the Giants? They were in last place. The Padres should have made their move on this last home-stand. Instead, the price of a barrel of oil has fallen, just like the Padres.

What do the Padres do? Do you sit back and wait for next year, pick up a player or two?

What ever happened to the Wells deal early in Spring training? That might help at this point in time. Maybe not. With an excess of catchers, maybe use one of them in a trade? I think that's the scenario we'll see play out. Piazza has stated he'll play another season and his output has been a lot greater than I ever expected but he's still getting up their in age. You might choose to keep the catchers you have looking towards 2008 but the situation at third has to be resolved. This will be a dilemma for sure.

It's sad to see really.

As the Chargers seem to be moving in the right direction, it may distract from the fans going to the Padres games and trying to help the team. Like the Padres, the Chargers' (on paper) time was last year. Mixture of veterans and young players and we saw what happened. The Padres aren't getting any younger and I thought that was their Achilles heel this year.

The time to turn this thing around is now! I'm willing to pay a little more at the pump if everyone else will step up to the pump. Unfortunately oil prices seem to be dropping a bit and that doesn't bode well for the Padres!

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