Exclusive: Padres GM Kevin Towers Interview

EUGENE- San Diego Padres executive vice president/general manager Kevin Towers was in Eugene on Friday along with Grady Fuson, the Padres' vice president of scouting and player development, to check in on his newest crop of prospects.

With all of his responsibilities surrounding the big league club, Towers doesn't often have the time to devote his time to the minor leagues. He has trusted men in place to do that for him and can lean on them when the talk of prospects come up in trades.

That does not mean he isn't interested in noting the progress of the system and he makes it out to each stop at least once during the season. After all, he was a scouting director prior to taking over the general manager duties and was a scout back in the early 90's for the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Padres.

His tour of Eugene began on Thursday.

Towers talked about getting the chance to see many of the new kids from this year's draft class, what he hopes to see when he makes the trip out to his affiliates, and the progress of the system under the watchful eye of Fuson:

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