Johnson, Brazelton reflect on their seasons

Portland- Two players, Ben Johnson and Dewon Brazelton, who have seen time in the big leagues relect on their seasons and what the future holds.

Outfielder Ben Johnson is talked about as being a mainstay in San Diego next year and perhaps the full-time left-fielder.

Johnson talks about getting back up to San Diego and staying there:

In 42 games with Portland, Johnson is hitting .250 with six homers and 19 RBI's. He began the year hitting .348 in May before his average plummetted to .278 in June. In a ten-game stint in July he was back up to .306, between many a stop in San Diego.

Starting pitcher Dewon Brazelton had a four-game stretch that spanned 25.1 innings where he allowed just one run on 13 hits. He had been talked about as a possible spot starter in San Diego. But over his last four games he has surrendered five runs or more in three and sports a 6.32 ERA over that time.

Acquired for Sean Burroughs, Brazelton begain the year in San Diego and has been fighting to get back ever since.

Brazelton talks about what the future holds for him and how much fun he is having:

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