Padres' prospect interview: Cedric Hunter

Third round draft pick. Forty-eight game on base streak. Arizona Rookie League MVP. Promotion to Eugene. That sums up the life of Padres' prospect Cedric Hunter this year.

Talk about winning the Arizona Rookie League MVP award.

Cedric Hunter: It feels good. You work hard and get rewarded. I had a good team and good teammates and we worked hard this year.

Your team won the Championship. Had you ever been part of a Championship team before and what was it like?

Cedric Hunter: Yes, I have been part of a few of them. But it is just a good feeling to win one in rookie ball. It is at a higher level, you are playing with wooden bats and you still win.

Your batting average rose every month as the season progressed. What was it that you worked on to accomplish that?

Cedric Hunter: I was just trying to get consistent. When you first get there you see like 93 every day and it looks fast but as you settle in and it starts looking like the same speed. Work hard on the tee and with my teammates and it was rewarded.

You were on base in all but one game during your stint in the desert. How did you succeed so much out of high school?

Cedric Hunter: Our mission when I got here was for us to get a lot of walks, to work the count a lot. Working the count will get you good at bats and good pitches to hit.

What were your first impressions of the Northwest League in the short time you were with Eugene?

Cedric Hunter: It was fun to be out there with all the fans. It was a good feeling. Just family and people that wanted to show up (came out to watch the club in Arizona).

Jeremy Hunt came up with you to Eugene to end the year. Talk a little bit about him.

Cedric Hunter: Jeremy Hunt is a good character – a good kid. He is a good player. He works hard.

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