Coaching dominoes fall in Padres' system

The first wave of coaching changes has hit the airwaves within the San Diego Padres' system. As expected, Gary Jones will take over for Tony Franklin as the roving infield coordinator.

His vacated spot has yet to be filled and the Padres' vice president of scouting and player development Grady Fuson was not ready to anoint a new manager.

"I am not ready to make that announcement yet," he said.

With the dominoes falling in Lake Elsinore, however, it appears the initial projection of hitting coach Arnie Beyeler taking over as manager in San Antonio isn't that outlandish.

With Max Venable moving up from Fort Wayne to Lake Elsinore and Tom Tornicasa ready to be placed it would seem natural for Tornicasa to move up and take over for Beyeler who subsequently takes over for Jones.

That would, conceivably, leave only the Fort Wayne Wizard hitting coach position open, unless they move Matt Howe from Eugene to Fort Wayne.

The rest of the dominoes should tumble soon.

As for Rick Renteria, there are several who believe he is the best manager in the system and routinely gets more out of his guys than anyone else. Re-signing him was a priority for the club and one they are glad has occurred.

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