Padres' Prospect Interview: Tim Brown

Tim Brown ran hand-in-hand with Chase Headley as the most consistent players to play for the San Diego Padres Lake Elsinore affiliate. It all began in spring training and his escalation to the Storm. He thought he would be in Fort Wayne. Now – validation is the word for his success.

We talked before the season about how the Pittsburgh Pirates took you a little bit out of your element as far as asking you to be more of a power hitter rather than sticking to patience and hitting the gaps, allowing the homers to come naturally. When you look now at your season, was this what you expected?

Tim Brown: This was a similar season to what I had last season so this is kind of what I expected. I wish I could have done better in some areas but we made it to the playoffs and that was the ultimate goal.

On a personal level, it is still about making it to the major leagues. And not to sound selfish by any means, you have to worry a little bit about yourself during the year. What was it that you expected more of?

Tim Brown: Definitely home runs. I definitely could have done better in that category. Sometimes they hit the wall and sometimes they don't.

At the same time, you are playing in a spacious park that isn't very forgiving to a left-handed hitter with the high wall out there.

Tim Brown: No, it is not easy to get it out over that wall. You have to get all of it and that is part of the game. You have to live with it.

How do you go from here to the next stop – what is the progression through the off-season for you?

Tim Brown: Maintaining and getting bigger and stronger. I will work on my swing and getting a little bit more lift and see what happens.

Do you worry about getting too big and losing that flexibility which is so important to everything you do?

Tim Brown: You do have to be careful and make sure you are doing the full range of motion in your lifts.

On the defensive side, where do you feel you have to improve.

Tim Brown: Defensively, my quickness, my lateral movement needs to improve. It is about getting bigger and faster. I have to get better at everything. I don't think there is one part of my game that struggles behind the rest; I have to get better as a whole.

Having talked to a bunch of guys on your infield, they say that you have been able to pick balls out of the dirt to help them. When you hear something like that – it has to be pretty nice.

Tim Brown: It is something I take a lot of pride in. I like picking up my teammates and take a lot of satisfaction in that. Helping them out and helping the team out.

When you are not going as well with the bat, how tough is it to get that swing back?

Tim Brown: It is getting back to what you feel when you do well. There is a certain feel when you are doing well. Whenever you start to struggle you have to get back to that. Hopefully you can get back into the groove.

Was this year what you expected when you signed out of Kalamazoo?

Tim Brown: I can't say I expected it. I didn't expect to make the High-A team out of spring. I was expecting to go to Fort Wayne. Making a team was a blessing and succeeding. I exceeded my expectations but there is more room for improvement.

When you made the team out of spring training, what was that initial feeling?

Tim Brown: I had a good spring and people noticed that – I got lucky to make the team I guess. I don't know what to say.

Are you thankful for the opportunity from the Padres to give you the chance to succeed. Obviously, given the year you had in Kalamazoo it would have come from somebody.

Tim Brown: The opportunity I am definitely thankful for. I think I deserved it and have proven that I deserved it. It has been a good year.

When you look ahead, there really aren't many first baseman in the path ahead within the Padres' system, other than Adrian Gonzalez in San Diego. Is that something you look at and does it help you?

Tim Brown: It is nice to have that opportunity and to be able to take the next step up the ladder but I have to take it one step at a time, come into spring training ready and see what happens.

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