Padres add Charlie Lisk to the mix

This was a new experience for Charlie Lisk. Last time he was in minor league ball it came from being drafted. This time, however, it took two tryout camps for the San Diego Padres to sign him to a minor league deal.

"We were in atrocious weather in Chicago and it would have been very easy to blow the thing off - he has some experience as a minor league player – but he didn't," Mal Fichman, the Padres' former Independent League coordinator, explained. "He came there and threw well, played well and then went out to Arizona. He was one of the guys we spoke to and said, ‘it would be worth your while to come out there because of the need for catchers.'

"He came out there and threw well, he blocked well and he handled himself."

The San Diego Padres purchased the contract of Charlie Lisk from the Windy City ThunderBolts and signed him to a minor league contract in late September after those tryouts in Chicago and Peoria, Arizona.

"He is a guy I felt deserved another chance," Bill Bryk, the Padres' minor league field coordinator said. "He can catch and throw. He has a little power. Anytime you can add a guy like him – if he can hit he will play a while. If the bat comes on you will have something."

"Charlie Lisk deserves to be signed," Fichman agreed.

Lisk was originally drafted by the Chicago White Sox in the 24th round of the 2001 MLB Draft out of high school. A right-handed hitter, Lisk hit .213 over 254 games through 2005 with 25 homers and 125 RBI's.

He began 2006 playing for Jupiter of the Florida State League before being released and struggled with Edmonton of the Northern League, hitting .214 over 23 games, before settling in with the Frontier League's Windy City club. He hit .316 over a 26 game span with one homer and 18 RBI's.

"The only way I can explain this is when he goes to spring training, they won't have a problem if there is a game on field number three and it is a Double-A game, Charlie Lisk can catch in that game," added Fichman. "He may have a little problem hitting but he will never embarrass himself defensively any place they put him.

"It is very valuable to have because the big league club is calling guys up all the time. He will be able to catch at any level defensively in minor league camp, He will do well. He will catch, he will block and he will throw. He will understand what is going on. He may have a problem hitting wise but a lot of guys do. He is a valuable asset."

"Durable looking guy with a little strength," Grady Fuson, the Padres vice president of scouting and player development, said.

Lisk will report to spring training with the club in 2007.

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