Dascenzo on Eugene Emeralds prospects

Doug Dascenzo managed the Eugene Emeralds in 2006 and will join many of the players he coached in Fort Wayne in the coming season. Recently, Dascenzo shared his thoughts on Matt Buschmann, Mike Epping, Matt Antonelli, Chad Huffman, Aaron Breit and Drew Miller.

On Matt Buschmann:

Doug Dascenzo: Matt progressed fine in the two and half months he was here. He is a strike thrower and I think he has a bright future ahead of him.

On Mike Epping:

Doug Dascenzo: Mike started out real good and has been pretty solid all season long. He has been working on his swing – he has a real good future ahead of him too.

On Epping's high strikeout totals:

Doug Dascenzo: He is very much aware of that. That is something he will have to work on in the years to come. Better contact will obviously give him a chance to put the ball in play and use his speed.

On Matt Antonelli:

Doug Dascenzo: Very good idea with the bat. The on base percentage was way up this year and very good for a first full season. There are a couple of things he needs to do at third base – I think he needs to get a little quicker and increase his range a little bit but he will be fine. Great speed and a hard-nosed ballplayer.

On Chad Huffman:

Doug Dascenzo: Chad had a really good season this year. A good average, finished second in the league in hitting and good power numbers. He made the change over from second base to left field – I thought he did an outstanding job and will only get better.

All these guys will only get better with more games played. Seventy games is a lot to them but in professional baseball it is not a whole lot.

On Aaron Breit:

Doug Dascenzo: A nice good, young, power arm. He has a nice feel for his breaking ball. His changeup has come a long way this year and just a really good kid.

On Drew Miller:

Doug Dascenzo: Another power arm. He has had some real good starts and some not so good.

With all these guys they will have to get better at throwing strikes earlier in the count and getting a better feel for the changeup.

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