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It's gettin' closer and closer to Christmas and so much to do with such little time to do it in. Though the motivation is there, it's hard to go and shop on Sundays because the Broncos play on Sundays.

Yes, that right, you all know I'm a ginormous Bronco fan. I really want to take this time to complain about them and how they have been doing, but as a professional athlete I can understand such struggles (editor's note: what did you expect playing the Super Chargers?).

To be honest though, I can't even complain about them because all I want to do is talk about Terrell Owens.

Wow, what planet is this sack of alien excrement from?

Are you kidding me...he has the talent to be the best receiver ever.

I hate him but I'm being honest. The guy is huge and he has the ability to tear the league apart. Steve Smith is as big as one of TO's legs and he is ten times the player and person TO is.

Why? Why is it necessary to be the ass of American sports. And to be as big as he is...have you seen the way he goes over the middle to catch or attempt to catch a pass? Wow. Put some rocks in your purse TO and catch the damn ball.

Now, I completely understand that I have no room to talk, looking like a shaved bird in this fourteen-year old Ethiopian marathon runners body, but damn, this guy is a beast and he is more worried about his birthday – his birthday??? Are you kidding me though? I mean really. Now, on the whole overdose thing – I'm not going to comment on that because that is flirting with someone's real issues and possibly an end to a life, but you've got a couple shrinks I've gone to I can send them your way.

You all remember Ed McCaffrey don't you? The guy never said a word or even Rod Smith – shoot O love watching and listening to most of what Chad Johnson has to say cause he is just havin' fun. It's entertaining and it makes me laugh. TO makes me want to tear off all my toe nails and finger nails and stick them each individually in my eyes. Wait there's more – then rip both my arms arm and have them surgically stitched and attached to my backside so that when I have my head torn off and shoved half way up my butt my hands are there to cover my ears from this guys retched, childish, selfish, stupid, ignorant comments.

I even sat and watched him get interviewed by Michael Irvin and it's like he doesn't even notice how big of an jerk he is.

What about Keyshawn? He used to be just as bad; he has figured at least a little bit out right??? I mean the occasional thrown helmet tantrum but wow. All I have to say is good call Jerry Jones.

I tell you one thing, Mcnabb is down with a season ending knee injury and he is still smiling because that cancerous fungus that he used to play with is gone. It would be the equivalent to having the Padres bring in Rick Flair. TO, to me, is the malcontent of the National Football League and he should be put away until he realizes the opportunities that he has been given.

The youth of today watches football and professional sports and if we are all going to come to the conclusion that pro athletes are role models, which I firmly agree, then lets all keep embracing TO and put him up on that pedestal.

WOW. I just don't understand. I really don't. Maybe he just needs to sit down and watch all ten seasons of ‘Friends' or something to knock him down a peg or two. Yeah that may not have anything to do with it, but that puts me in a happy place so hey...I dunno.

As far as this rant is concerned, I could definitely go on and on but I would rather talk about other things – like Kristen will be home on Thursday and it's going to be great

I have been home now for a few weeks and being around my family has been so nice. Maybe that's what TO needs - some family time or maybe he needs to be in the real life version of the movie, ‘Hostel.'

I dunno but I'm gonna go now cuz I'm startin' to ramble.

Also for those of you who have written in the past few weeks and I haven't gotten back to you like Big Bubba and Marty and big Sam – congrats on the new baby dog – and everyone else, I apologize. I promise I haven't forgotten about you and you will soon hear from me.

Until next week...

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