High powered offense in Peoria

Carlos Lezcano put his talent to use in Peoria, winning an Arizona Rookie League Championship. Jeremy Hunt, Felix Carrasco, Yefri Carvajal, Kyler Burke, Sam Carter, Luis Durango, Brian Hernandez, and Clint Naylor were a few of the core players who powered the offense.

Jeremy Hunt came in from a college program and had a very nice year for you guys.

Carlos Lezcano: He is a kid with good power. He has a Steve Garvey kind of swing. He plays first and has some power. His power is enough to carry him.

Was he the only guy who had some dehydration problems out there because of the heat?

Carlos Lezcano: It is very hot out there. We can't take them out there everyday and work them hard. We pick our spots with them. When you play day games it is cooler in the morning but when we play night games we stretch out around four o'clock and it is very hot. We hit in the cage and alternate it. We kept them out there every other day.

Felix Carrasco had a great start to the year but tailed off at the end of the year and his defense wasn't great.

Carlos Lezcano: The reason mainly for that is he played almost every day, every inning of every single game. He got a little sore and then he came back towards the end. A kid that got a little tired. That's all.

We only got a chance to see Yefri Carvajal sporadically towards the end of the year after he came back from the hand injury.

Carlos Lezcano: He has very good tools. He hits the ball and it comes off his bat a little differently than everybody else. He is 17 and needs to work on every aspect of the game, defense, knowledge of the game. The only organized baseball has come when we signed him. He will go to Instructional League and play a lot there. He will get his innings and at bats there more consistently.

I had a kid named Sam Carter that was a 23-year old kid that really played well for me. We like him also. He is a big, strong kid and he is 23 so he needs to move fast but I like what I see from him. He has a quick bat, quick hands, and some power.

Yefri is just a young guy that needs to play.

It has to be considered a learning season for Kyler Burke, drafted out of high school this year.

Carlos Lezcano: It is a learning season. This kid has all the tools. He can run. He can throw. He has some power. It is just a high school kid that probably struggled for the first time in his life. It was new to him and probably hurt his confidence a little bit. He hung in there and is going to be fine. He has good tools and a very good swing. He was just drifting a little bit and had a hard time being consistent and staying back.

Luis Durango – this is the second year in a row that he led his league in hitting and in on base percentage.

Carlos Lezcano: That is awesome. He can flat out fly. He is 3.7 to first base. He is a very good bunter and he can just fly. They played him almost infield in when he was hitting. He is another kid that is real fast but needs to work on stealing bases, like all young kids – routes in the outfield. His arm has gotten better from what I have heard when we first signed him until now.

They have so many years ahead of them before the big leagues that anything can happen.

You had a couple of young catchers down there who were instrumental in taking care of the pitching staff down there and Brian Hernandez did well too.

Carlos Lezcano: Brian, a college kid, and I think he is going to be around for a while. He is a smart kid that loves to play the game. He plays hard every inning of every game. He can play in Fort Wayne next year and do a good job over there.

Clint Naylor, an Australian kid, is only 17-years old. He can be a junior in high school and is playing in this league. He is a very young kid. Very smart and calls a very good game.

And Nails picked up like five straight starts over one stretch in that heat.

Carlos Lezcano: He did because both my other guys were kind of hurt. Brian had a sore back and Solis had a sore elbow so I had to catch him a lot. He is a kid that has to get stronger. We will see what we have when he gets stronger because he had a good eye at the plate and doesn't swing at bad pitches. He didn't hit a lot but he drew a lot of walks. When he gets stronger it will also help out his arm and his power and bat speed.

Solis is an 18-year old Mexican kid with good tools. He has quick feet behind the plate. His hitting – he needs to stay to right-center as he tries to pull it and it is easy to get him out. He had some elbow problems so we need to keep an eye on him and go from there. I like his arm strength when he is healthy and his feet – and he works hard. At the beginning of the first year his energy level wasn't good but this last year it was excellent.

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